Make-up New Year with natural cosmetics

A New Year’s Eve you can dare! It is almost everything allowed in clothes and make-up. But do not forget to take care of our skin. Here’s how to make a perfect New Year’s make-up totally natural!


For the eyes are perfect gold and silver, but for those who love the natural colors you can opt for the colors of the earth, the sea or the sky away with brown, bronze and copper, but also with blue and turquoise. In herbal medicine are eye shadows in powder or cream all made of absolutely natural ingredients. Just two eye shadows, one lighter and one darker to blend, a black mascara and a bio pencil. The natural and organic makeup pencils can be purchased on the same sites who place mineral make-up.


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Very colorful or just a lip gloss thread? You choose! Even in pharmacies, there is a very wide choice. Many mineral powders used as eyeshadow or blush are also suitable to his lips; to turn them into a bright lipstick just lay them with a transparent gloss.


The really important thing for a perfect look and Health is preparing well for our skin. A few days before the party, we apply on the face a natural exfoliant and a mild detergent. Also recommended is a facial cleansing to be impeccable!

The natural exfoliating should be done two or three days before the Dec. 31, not that evening, unless you do not like the effect.

For the base we can purchase a mineral foundation; natural, for combination and oily skin, mixed with a little ‘of moisturizer or shea butter for dry skin.

If you need to fix small blemishes can use concealers minerals. But attention to the colors! Green for dark circles and orange for any redness or acne marks. The orange-checker can then also be used as blush.

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Dark circles

If we have the unsightly blue circles around the eyes, we can help with 3 easy steps, always in the days before the New Year’s Eve.

1) Working on lifestyle

to reduce dark circles have to sleep more, smoke less, hydrate constantly and follow proper nutrition.

2) Make the wraps

The cold compresses help to deflate the bags. Immovable a cotton ball in an infusion of mallow, chamomile, cornflower or thermal water, which relax the tissues. We also add a few drops of argan oil to hydrate.

3) Put on the slices of cucumber or potato eyes

must always be perfectly cold and thin. Applicable for about 15-20 minutes and at the end moderation the area with a little sweet almond oil.

Natural cosmetics

We choose a make-whole ore, to obtain a perfect and natural effect with a few products. The mineral cosmetics, in fact, are very versatile and, with a few pieces, you get a complete make-up, starting from the base.

The mineral powders are an excellent choice for the New Year because it looks very pigmented and vibrant; moreover, being powders, we can mix them, having fun to create many games of color and using the same product with more functions.

Another important thing: do some testing one or two days before, in order to test the final effect of the make-up chosen.

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