8 Masks for stressed and damaged hair

How to have perfect hair making masks and beauty packs for stressed and ruined hair based on natural ingredients useful for moisturizing, nourishing and making hair soft and shiny for a long time.

The hair is an important part of our body and to maintain the health and beauty is important to take care with delicate products and natural wraps. It is essential to use natural ingredients that provide nutrients and prevent hair from drying up and becoming dry.

Stress, excessive humidity, wind, chemical treatments, the hot plate, the hair dryer, the colors, are all things that damage our hair making them frizzy, dry, dull, unnatural and without form. Here’s how to take care of the hair with completely natural, effective and useful masks to have a shining, healthy and strong hair …

8 Ruined hair masks

1) Nutrient mask with avocado

To prepare this mask of beauty we will use the fruit of avocado, rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which will make your hair shiny and silky. To make this mask for stressed and damaged hair, it is enough to blend the avocado pulp until you obtain a thick and creamy mixture, and add a teaspoon of coconut oil, nourishing and polishing.

To complete the recipe, add 20 drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil, with soothing and strengthening properties. Mix everything, apply it on the lengths and keep it in place for at least twenty minutes, before washing the hair with water and an organic shampoo. This treatment can be repeated once a week.

2) Hair mask ruined with shea

Against the damaged hair you can benefit from the nourishing action of shea butter. Put in a bowl 40 grams of shea butter and 25 gr of linseed oil, restructuring and nourishing, or coconut oil, nourishing and polishing.

Gently incorporate the butter to the oil, helping with a spatula. Mix everything with an electric mixer for a few minutes, until obtaining a creamy and homogeneous mixture, without lumps. Apply this compress on the skin and on the hair moistened with water and let it work for an hour. Then proceed with the normal washing using a biological shampoo.

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3) Olive oil and rosemary mask

This natural wrap will help you eliminate frizz and excessive dryness of the hair thanks to the presence of olive oil, rich in nutrients useful on stressed and damaged hair and rosemary essential oil, strengthening and remineralizing.

This natural remedy will leave your hair soft and shiny : take 30 ml of extra virgin olive oil and add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil. Mix well and spread the liquid mixture evenly over wet or damp hair and hair. At this point, let it work for at least an hour and then proceed with the normal washing with water and a delicate biological shampoo. This treatment can be repeated once a week.

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4) Pack for dry hair with honey and flax seeds

If you have dry, brittle and frizzy hair there is nothing more protective than linseed oil, nourishing and restructuring, along with honey that softens the hair, repairs and protects the fiber from external aggressions.

Simply pour 20 ml of flax seed oil into a bowl, add a tablespoon of liquid honey and spread the mask evenly over damp or wet hair. Leave for about half an hour and then wash the hair thoroughly as usual. This treatment can be done once a week.

5) Yogurt and olive oil mask

This wrap based on yogurt and extra virgin olive oil has the function of soothing the skin, hydrating and giving brightness to stressed and damaged hair. Just take a jar of white yogurt, a food rich in fatty acids with a moisturizing and softening effect, add it to one or two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and mix well to mix the ingredients.

Immediately spread the mixture evenly on the hair and leave on for at least an hour and rinse thoroughly. You can enrich this natural remedy by adding a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil with an antiseptic and calming effect. This pack can be repeated once a week.

6) Hair mask damaged with aloe vera and honey

The recipe that follows is a mask based on herbal ingredients very useful for the hair, which will make them more soft, shiny, healthy and strong. This natural remedy can be repeated at least once a week, and is prepared by joining a spoonful of aloe vera gel, with a moisturizing and soothing action, to two tablespoons of liquid honey, which softens the hair, gives brightness, repairs and protects it from external aggressions.

After mixing the two ingredients in a bowl, add a tablespoon of argan oil, which will nourish, hydrate and regenerate the hair fiber. Apply on the lengths and leave the mask in place for about half an hour. Then proceed to the washing as usual.

7) Mask with coconut oil, sweet almonds and flax seeds

Making a mix of restructuring and nourishing vegetable oils at least twice a month will allow you to nourish and give softness and brightness to stressed and damaged hair. In a dark glass bottle add 20 ml of coconut oil, which shines and untangles the hair, 20 ml of sweet almond oil, which deeply nourishes the hair and 20 ml of linseed oil, which restructures and protects the hair.

Use this mix of nourishing vegetable oils as a compress to apply on damp hair and leave it on for one hour. Then proceed with normal washing with a neutral shampoo. Thanks to this natural remedy your hair will be full-bodied and shiny.

8) Banana mask for stressed hair

Using fresh fruit, such as banana, to prepare a mask for ruined hair, will allow you to benefit from vitamins and minerals that will regenerate the hair fiber making it stronger. After having washed, peeled and cut into pieces a banana, put it in a bowl and get a puree, crushing it with the help of a fork or frulling it.

At this point, just add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to deeply nourish and make the hair soft and silky, and a few drops of essential oil of lavender, a valuable help against brittle hair and without tone. Apply the natural mask evenly to the hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

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