Top 7 Foods Rich in Omega 3

The omega 3 is one of the essential fats for our body, because it cannot synthesize and needs to function properly. So today, we show the top 7 foods rich in omega 3 to help you do not miss these fats in your diet.

We must also try to make each part of omega 3 is not more than 10 parts of omega 6 consumed, since an adequate balance between omega 3 / omega – 6 depend on the benefits of these fatty acids in the body.

Omega 3

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The 7 foods with more omega 3

Every day we need a minimum of 250 mg that can be found in variety of foods. The recommendations for fat intake population indicate that between 0.1 and 1% of daily calories should be covered by this type of lipids.

Thus, foods that can help us cover this fee are…

Linseed: Per 100 grams spawn around 20 grams of omega 3, a considerable amount that allows us to overcome the daily quota of these fats even using a small scoop of this food that can include breads and crackers in a muesli or homemade granola or in masses of pies, cakes or pies.

Chia seeds: Like flax seeds, chia the concentrate around 20% of omega 3 and can use them to thicken preparations making desserts, puddings and breakfast very nutritious and tasty.

Soy: It is the only legume that provides fat and 100 grams contains 11 grams of omega 3 which can add to the diet with salads, casseroles, hamburgers or other preparations using soy as if another legume.

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Walnut oil: Per 100 grams, this oil provides 10.4 grams of omega 3, which can add easily using it to make cookies, breads or cakes, or, for dressing salads or other dishes as we do with other vegetable oils.

Peanut Butter: We can use this cream in place of butter spread toast at breakfast or to prepare sauces, muffins, sweet breads or healthy ice cream. With this food, we can add 10.3 grams of omega 3 per 100 grams.

Canola oil: Has a 9% omega 3 and we can use this oil to replace others in the kitchen to stir fry, seasoning or produce masses of cakes, pies or cakes.

Olive oil: With 8.3 grams of omega 3 per 100 grams olive oil can help to cover the contributions of essential fatty acids. We can use this oil to make cookies, breads, other mass or, for spicing variety of preparations.

This is the top 7 foods with omega 3 that can add to your diet to raise up essential fatty acids in it and thus the health care consumption.

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