Oil-Free Makeup Remover: How to make a do-it-yourself natural makeup remover

Removing make-up and removing any make-up residue is a very important operation to keep the skin clean, beautiful, and free from any impurities: that’s why we want to explain how making a do-it-yourself natural make-up remover, is excellent for those who love natural remedies and do not want to use products that are too aggressive on the skin.

To create a do-it-yourself natural make-up remover, just follow our preparations carefully, all based on natural and delicate ingredients, and you will get cleansing milk , a water-based make-up remover, or an oil-based one in a few minutes.

Choose the type of natural DIY makeup remover that inspires you the most and try making it at home!

DIY Natural Make-up Remover – Sweet Almond Cleansing Milk

To create this sweet almond cleansing milk, perfect as a natural make-up remover, you will need to get: 50ml of whole milk, 50ml of almond milk, a teaspoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of beeswax, 4 drops of Argan essential oil, 2 drops of sweet almond essential oil. Pour all the ingredients into a saucepan and heat in a bain-marie while continuing to mix until you get a homogeneous cream. Remove from heat, allow to cool, and transfer your cleansing milk into a container. This milk can be kept in the refrigerator for 2/3 days.

Do-it-yourself natural make-up remover – Two-phase rose water

Rosewater is an ideal element to make a do-it-yourself natural two-phase make-up remover: this type of water-based make-up remover acts in two phases and is composed of 100ml of rose water, 50ml of coconut oil, a teaspoon of liquid neutral soap. This particular make-up remover water is called biphasic because it consists of an active part – soap and oil – which removes make-up and a soothing and moisturizing part – rose water – which nourishes and refreshes the skin. To create this makeup remover, mix the oil with the rose water in a container, then add the soap. Stir well again, close with a cap, and keep it in a cool and dry place for a week at most. If you don’t have rose water available, you can make it yourself without any problems: just make an infusion with water, rose petals, and red fruits.

Natural DIY makeup remover – Olive oil based

A natural make-up remover that is very easy to make and very effective is based on olive oil. Mix 50ml of olive oil with 100ml of water and a drop of orange essence. With a pad or a cotton pad soaked in this make-up remover, rub your eyes and face well to remove all traces of make-up: the result will be truly amazing and above all delicate on the skin. Olive oil is also very nourishing and therefore also useful for those with skin that tends to dry out easily; as we had already explained to you HERE olive oil is also perfect for strengthening hair and nails.

Do-it-yourself natural make-up remover – Oily chamomile

To make this delicate natural oily chamomile DIY make-up remover, you will need to get: a sachet of chamomile, 100ml of water, 100ml of olive oil, and 1 drop of rose essential oil. Boil the water and infuse the chamomile sachet for 4/5 minutes. Transfer the infusion into a container with a lid, add the olive oil and the drop of rose oil. Close the container and shake well, then let it rest for a few minutes. This oil and chamomile-based make-up remover are very gentle and light on the skin and also lasts for a couple of months if kept away from sources of light and heat.

Natural DIY make-up remover – Cornflower and jojoba oil scented

If you want to get a do-it-yourself natural make-up remover that in addition to being effective for removing make-up is also pleasantly scented, then you will need to create it with 100ml of jojoba oil, 50ml of sweet almond oil, and 50ml of cornflower water. These ingredients are easily found in herbal medicine, drugstores, or online. Pour the cornflower oils and water into a bottle, even a spray, and shake well. Sprinkle generously on your face, rub with a cotton pad and remove make-up. Then rinse the skin with warm water and you will see that the skin will be fresh, fragrant, and clean.

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