Did the first symptoms of flu come to you? Choose natural medicine

If you, like me, these autumn days are battling with the first season influence, the fact is quite normal.The nose cola, the throat is irritated and the cough is more persistent … right? Your body is communicating different rhythms and requirements than you are adopting.The issue, however, is serious, because when we notice it often it is already too late and the whole thing is likely to turn into a bad influence.

So what are you waiting for?It is time to intervene, because more remarks and worse it is! Follow the suggestions below and face the first symptoms of influenza with natural medicine.

Normalizes digestion

To eliminate respiratory tract infections,first you need to normalize digestion by fighting the internal fever of your belly.

How are you?A strictlyvegetariandietbased on fruit and raw salads is the optimal solution. It is important to feed yourself withallthe products that the earth offers you during this time, changing daily … you do not need anything else!

To calm thirst and at the same time increase the presence ofvitamin C, theoranges or mandarin juicesare a real manna from the sky: two goals in one … you want more!

symptoms of flu

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Make an ad hoc tea

Your trusted herbalist will definitely be able to recommend the perfect herbal tea for you, especially by listening to personal influenza symptoms and carefully avoiding any specific intolerance or allergies to your case.
Do you want to know what I do tomelt and eliminate mucosity?I prepare this …

Decominated in my own way

  • Natural water500 ml
  • Horse tail (equiseto)2 tablespoons rasi
  • Greek hay flour1 teaspoon coffee
  • Acacia honey1 tablespoon
  • Pure extract propolis10 drops
  • Thyme essential oil(for internal use) 2-4 drops
  • Eucalyptus essential oil(for internal use) 2-4 drops

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In astainless steel pan,add the horse’s tail to the cold water;bring to a boil and allow to boil slowly for 5 minutes.Drop into a large cup and add all the other ingredients.Stir well and sip during the day and at least 2-3 tablespoons every hour.

Note 1:If tolerated, you can also add 1fresh(root), possibly organic,gingerslice together with the horse tail.
Note 2: Greek hay flour does not melt, so before mixing it, remember to mix well.

Closed natural cold water

If during the day the belly has not released, it will cause this important physiological function with anenema of natural cold water(half a liter should suffice; otherwise, repeat after 6 hours).Only then do digestion residues be eliminated (and not only).

If you have fever …

When I have fever, during the night (but not only!) I sleep with anatural claymite of clay (no clay!).

I put on a plan a warmopenpunk(I boughtthisin a healthcare: very comfortable!), On which I stand in the order:

  1. A carpet (30x30cm)
  2. A foldednewspaper sheet(or recycled photocopy paper)
  3. A towel(or a bandana) of cotton (bent so as to get a big rectangle like the belly) on which is 4-5 mm ofmud, that is a “mug” previously created with 6-7 spoons of land and a little coldwater(do not use hot water!!!).

I support everything on the belly (with mud in contact with the skin) and close the pancreas with velcro behind the back.This does not leave the ground and do not wet the garments.

PS: If it hurts your skin velcro velcro, you can put a cotton tank between the carpet and the pancreas.Since the area needs to stay hot, in winter you can put it in the pancake (what I’ve shown you already contains a percentage of angora and wool) asoft woolwarmingwool … if you are skilled with the irons, you can also make it tailor-made!

And you, the first symptoms of flu as you curse them?

Of course, these are the treatments that I use, but natural medicine offers many tips.Do you have any suggestions, ideas, questions?Also write me down below.

I wish you a quick and natural healing.

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