Remove warts with natural remedies

Remove warts is not an easy task. Natural remedies have been used since ancient times to combat them, this article talks about them.


Warts are fleshy protuberances or formations of the skin with a rough surface, tending to circulate but irregular. They may have different shapes and sizes. Some are almost flat, tiny and can sprout in groups especially in the hands (most common in childhood and adolescence), while others may become isolated and have a large volume (older persons often have very loud) the smaller and in clusters or groups warts often disappear so postseason. Most are caused by a virus (HPV) in addition to the hands may appear on the soles of the feet, knees, face and even in the genitals.

Remove warts

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Etiology or causes of Warts

The proliferation of warts is often associated with our defenses or state of our immune system. Therefore, the virus will always affect us more when we are weakest. Other warts (genital) are usually caused by infection of a venereal disease.

Conventional treatment for removing warts

Dermatologists often, as appropriate, remove warts or dry them with cryotherapy (a kind of vapor or liquid so cold that the dry).

Natural therapies to remove warts

  • Homeopathy: Is perhaps the most effective natural therapy for warts. Since the nineteenth century, physicians homeopaths are terming them because homeopathy is often very effective for warts. The most effective in most homeopathic remedy warts usually the Thuya. In our pharmacy will tell us and dose dilution as it depends on each case or the preparation of each laboratory. It is also often applied Thuya as a tincture or homeopathic ointment twice daily. It is one of the natural remedies for warts simplest and most effective. Of course, warts can be of many types and homeopath doctor or specialist will tell us which the right remedy to our case is.
  • Oligo therapy: Usually recommended Copper-Gold-Silver when it coincides with the appearance of warts that our defenses are very petite and felt exhausted (recurrent infections, long time taking antibiotics, etc.)

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Diet and nutrition for warts

  • Some experts recommend reducing the amount of saturated fat and animal protein.
  • In general you should eat plenty of foods rich in sulfur (garlic, broccoli, onions, Brussels sprouts and cabbage)
  • Vegetables rich in vitamin A or beta-carotene care of our skin and our mucous membranes (apricot, pumpkin, carrots, etc.)
  • Zinc is a mineral that takes care of our immune system so in case of warts would not hurt to increase the consumption of seeds or pumpkin seeds, bee pollen, etc.
  • Selenium is not always convenient when we want something from degenerating. Remember that warts can eventually become cancerous. So keep in mind walnuts and garlic.
  • A cleansing diet to detoxify fruit and bring us many antioxidant nutrients. This mono diet could be done for several days depending on the case and the person (consult your doctor or specialist)

Herbal or medicinal plants for warts

  • Celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) It is of medicinal plants to improve work. When we cut a piece of Celandine this lets go a sort of milky substance that we apply on the warts. Apply once a day and cover the area.
  • Dandelion: It is another medicinal plant used in some places to treat warts. When we cut flower stem base of the flower that also will release a milky substance. We apply it twice a day.

Natural remedies or home remedies to remove warts

  • Garlic: Is one of the most used natural remedies for warts especially when the warts are large. Apply on the skin with a plaster or bandage a hole in its center to project the wart and instead the area around it is fully covered. Rub the wart with peeled garlic for about 4 or 5 minutes, twice a day. The skin around the wart is protected garlic as it can be irritating to the “normal” skin. Some people instead of rubbing the wart what they do is leave a sheet of chopped garlic on the wart and cover with yet another band-aid or tape and are changing that bit of garlic every day. At the same time we can take twice, a day garlic pearls (see dosage on the package) or eat one raw garlic. Typically, the wart go away, “drying” and ends disappearing.
  • Milk or latex figs when we cut a fig when it is still small (is green) see that its stem (fig what unites with twig) leaves a kind of thick, milky white. You have to rub the wart with it twice a day for ten days.
  • The snail: Is an herbal remedy slime or viscous substance that can break off and apply two or three times a day on the warts. Today it is possible to find creams made ​​from this product.
  • Juice or cabbage juice: Apply it on the warts with a gas it a two or three times a day.
  • Pineapple: Internal or tender part of this fruit applied on the warts is usually very effective. We apply a patch directly on the warts trying not to touch the healthy skin. We can cover with a plaster or surgical tape. In the morning wash with warm water and left in place another piece until the next day. Continue until they disappear.

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Other treatments or folk remedies for warts

  • Onion raw: Rub the wart with a piece of chopped raw onion, twice a day, usually works very well. We can leave it on all day that telilla there between a layer of onion and other. Cover and change it twice a day until they disappear.
  • Castor Oil: Apply a few drops of this oil on the warts twice a day for a month and evaluate the results.
  • Potato or raw potato: Rubbing it on the warts may also work.

Test for two weeks…

Precautions remedies applied for Warts

When applying any substance on the warts we have to be careful to observe how they react both warts and skin around, as there are types of skin that just cannot tolerate certain remedy for more natural than this is. When in doubt or appearance of discomfort is better to stop treatment and consult your doctor or specialist.

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