Drinking Wine Makes Us Beautiful!

Search made in UK: after a glass of alcohol on our face looks more attractive … but after two magic wears off!

According to a well-known proverb, “wine makes good blood”; without wanting to delve too much into the question of the relationship between alcohol consumption and health, however, we limit ourselves to point out that a group of British researchers has even gone beyond the conventional wisdom: drinking wine, when taken in moderation (it is an important clarification, we will discover in following the why), it also makes us more beautiful in the eyes of others.

Drinking Wine

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So says a study from the University of Bristol, which involved about forty students (imagine delighted to participate …) asking them to pose for photographs in three different times: from sober after drinking 250 ml of wine – in practice, a bit more than a glass – and finally, after having assumed the same number a second time. The second phase of the research involved that another group of young people looked the photos indicating for each whether he thought the person portrayed attractive or not. The end result is nothing short of amazing: the images that received the most “like”, so to speak, have been the intermediate, subsequent hiring the first glass of wine. The same subjects in sober version received fewer appreciations, while the vast majority of “voters” said the same at all attractive boys and girls captured after the second drink.

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At this point, scientists have tried to understand what had prompted the respondents to express the most positive reactions to the photos of the way. Conclusions? The merit is precisely the effects that alcohol, in limited doses, it causes the muscles and tissues of the face: drinking wine causes our pupils dilate, the skin takes on a brighter color (because the blood circulation is stimulated) the facial muscles relax and the expression on our face brightens. In short, when that little alcohol enters the bloodstream in the body, it gives us a mini-dose of relaxation and serenity that is reflected on the outside, in the physical, generally giving a more pleasant appearance.

Now, all this must not be understood as a eulogy of the drink! If they look good the same British researchers, who point out in summary: we are not saying that alcohol is in itself healthy, but only in small amounts helps to bring out the features that make beautiful and interesting our face. Indeed, the most important aspect of the study is likely that concerns judgments on other photos, taken to the subjects “tipsy”: in those cases there is no doubt, no one likes the face of someone who has drunk too much!

So to summarize: drinking wine is not an elixir of beauty, far from it, but if we are content with a small glass per meal maybe helps nothing and eliminate inner tensions that normally – alas – affect our outward appearance. That said, the strangest thing about the study is actually the choice of wine as alcoholic beverage by researchers, but how, the British snub that beer!

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