Workout to tone your legs

Those who want to tone the muscles of the legs have only one road to follow: to do a targeted workout for the legs, with perseverance and attention.

Having toned legs, firm and slender is the dream of every woman and even many men, especially in the summer when the costume fitting forces to put them in the mirror to make a point about their fitness. Run for cover now, in late summer, it requires a will of iron that will be well rewarded.

Lunges are great exercise to train the muscles of the legs and make them toned and slender. There are four main groups of lunges exercises, see below what they are and how they perform.

 tone your legs

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Reverse lunges

Lunges inverse serve to tone the muscles of the hind legs, including the thighs and buttocks. Perform lunges inverse is simple: standing, legs together, bring one leg back and simultaneously bend the other. The secret of a good reverse lunge is to keep the back straight and abs contracted. We hold the lunge for a few seconds, back in the starting position and repeat alternating legs for a series of 10 lunges on each leg.

If performed correctly, doing this exercise will feel a pleasant feeling of muscle stretching.


The lunge performing for training of legs and buttocks up to make both firm and slender. The starting position of the lunge is the same as those reverses, but instead of behind the leg to go forward bending until the knee to 90, while that which remains behind flexes until almost touching the floor. We keep the back straight and hands on the sides for more stability. We repeat alternating legs for a series of 10 lunges per leg.

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Side lunges

For lateral lunges the starting position is standing with your legs apart. Bend one leg and the other holding are relaxed both feet flat on the floor. At this point, we do a side lunge with the upright direction of the bent leg. We repeat alternating legs for a series of 10 lunges per leg.

Lunges with weights or with barbell

The lunges are leg exercises that can be performed both in the gym and at home. In addition to the way we have shown, we can perform lunges with weights or with barbell to increase muscular effort and to have leg muscles stronger, faster. In this case, our advice is to use weights or barbell only after learning to perform training exercises legs bodyweight.

We stop here and we wish you all good workout to tone your legs and strengthen the muscles of the legs – and not only – with lots of healthy exercises.

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