4 Reasons Why You Should Schedule a Massage Today

Many people assume that getting a massage is a luxury that should only be reserved for special occasions. However, did you know that massages offer many health benefits? Here are four reasons you should treat yourself to a massage Spokane Valley WA today.

1. Reduced Muscle Tension

The main goal of most massages is to reduce muscle tension. The most common cause of muscle tension is stress; other factors include dehydration, physical injury, and immune and nervous system disorders. Massages help relieve these symptoms by gently coaxing the muscles to relax in an environment that is soothing to the senses.

2. Corrected Posture

Your posture primarily depends upon how your muscles and bones are aligned. Massage therapy can help realign your body by releasing muscle knots, relieving pressure on your spine, and loosening your joints. Once your posture improves, you may find that you can breathe more deeply, stretch your limbs further, and sit and stand with less pain.

3. Boosted Circulation

A massage can help regulate your circulatory system. It does this by stimulating your blood vessels, which are part of your cardiovascular system, and your lymph vessels, which are part of your lymphatic system. This allows for the efficient exchange of waste materials and nutrients throughout your body. Good circulation increases your energy level and reduces your risk for diseases and disorders.

4. Improved Mental Health

Research shows that massage therapy positively impacts mental health. Receiving weekly massages can help regulate your sleep patterns, leaving you more rested throughout the waking day. Relief of chronic pain may also brighten your mood. Merely stepping away from hectic day-to-day life and taking the time to breathe, relax, and be in the moment can lessen your anxiety. In short – when you feel good physically, you feel better mentally.

Anyone can benefit from a massage, including you. If you need help with aches and pains, or if you simply want to practice some well-deserved self-care, contact a licensed masseuse and schedule a massage today.

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