Homemade creams for skin care

Home for skin care creams are an alternative that we can choose to take care of our body healthy, natural and economically.

Why natural creams?

When we buy a cream sometimes do not know what chemicals are part of its composition so if we want to be sure what we’re using is a good idea to prepare our creams own homemade skin care…

The homemade creams made ​​with natural products get our body is well cared for, our skin look radiant and healthy and all at a truly affordable cost.

Homemade creams

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There are natural creams for all parts of our body, each use one or the other ingredients as for what we need.

Natural homemade creams for face care

There are plenty off ace creams home-prepared, we can prepare from an exfoliating cream to a nutritional or moisturizer.

We must also take into account when choosing which natural cream prepare the skin type we have, because there are creams for oily or dry, normal mixed.

  • Yogurt and almond cream: Mix two tablespoons of yogurt and two almond powder in a bowl and add two teaspoons of honey and two other lavender essential oil. Apply the mixture on the face and neck, massaging and let it act. Then gently remove it and have the skin of a baby.
  • Cream of almond oil and rose water: You’ll also need beeswax and a tablespoon of honey, which will melt water bath, mixing the remaining ingredients get a good moisturizer.

Natural homemade creams for lip care

The lips are a very sensitive part of our face, suffer with air and the sun and your skin is very dry so we must give them special attention.

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Some natural creams that keep our lips in perfect condition:

  • Cream chapped lips: Will melt mix cocoa butter with coconut oil and pumpkin oil in a pan and let cool ready.
  • Cream for dry lips: Melt three parts of beeswax mix with three parts of almond oil, once cool and ready to use.

Natural homemade cream for hand care

Our hands are possibly the body part that suffers most. Constantly, because of the work we do, we are wet, covered in soap and air and cold are their enemies.

Among the natural creams we can find that soften our hands, will help to eliminate cracks and dryness and remain perfect.

Some take care creams with our hands:

  • Vaseline and lemon cream: Mix ten grams of Vaseline with eight drops of lemon juice, apply it in our hands at night, you’ll see good results.
  • And lemon cream: Mix a little milk with the juice of half lemon.Dip hands in this mixture for a few minutes, the effect is amazing.

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