Mental Illness in the Workplace

Being ill is something that happens to everyone. When it comes to work, there are laws in place to help and protect employees if they are ill, as well as support if they cannot work due to illness – statutory sick pay. However, as well as physical illness, which is what most people tend to think of when they think of someone being ill, it is also important to think about mental illness – something which can affect anyone.

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Mental illness covers a large range of various illnesses – from depression to bipolar disorder. Something which employers have to do when dealing with any staff member who is ill, whether it is physical or mental, is to ensure that the workplace is safe for the employee and that they are not treated unfairly or discriminated against due to their illness.

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It is a good idea, in the same way that first aid is taught in the workplace, to also train and educate employees specifically on mental illness – courses like these mental health training courses are a great way to do this.

According to the law, a mental illness falls under the category of a disability, which means that it is not legal to discriminate against anybody due to them suffering from a mental illness. There are things that could be done in some circumstances to help someone who has a mental illness to be able to work effectively. It is good to discuss it with them and work out what will work best for both parties.

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