Remove moles with natural remedies

There are effective and safe methods to remove moles but beware, you must first seeing a dermatologist as they may be carcinogenic.

Caution to remove moles

Moles can be very sexy and attractive depending on the size and location appear, but in other cases are very unaesthetic and there are people who feel self-conscious about them. For this reason people seek ways to remove moles desperately, using natural methods or home tricks.

Remove moles

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Some of these around the Internet promising its disappearance.Some may be effective against certain skin blemishes, but a mole is more delicate and complex.

In fact a mole may become a serious health problem as it is a melanoma, a skin cancers with higher mortality, with some 48,000 people died each year in the world according to WHO. However, healing in the first stage is one of the easiest, quick and painless, precisely through the elimination of the moon, so the first thing to do is put in the hands of a dermatologist before touching the moon by your own risk. Once ruled that it is a melanoma, please thermostatic hands of a center approved by the health authorities of their country.

Remove moles with natural remedies

Remove moles using natural methods not only ineffective but often there are risks to the skin and, as we have said, to health if there is no supervision of the dermatologist to rule out skin cancer. In our website usually recommend that caution be taken with remedies that are advertised on the Internet.

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Many of these remedies and tips are well documented by people who have no interest to provide useful and accurate information.

But there are other cases that are made with good intentions but bad judgment. Others move by economic interest by offering miracle products of all kinds (even harmful to health) and the case of removing moles is not exempt from them.

Effective and real way to remove moles

The only effective ways to try to remove moles are using the following three techniques and one of them is not 100% effective:

  • Surgical: Although the word surgery or surgery frightens many people, in the case of the removal of moles is not but a small incision with a scalpel, after local anesthesia, and within minutes you will be removed and can go home.
  • Shaving: Perhaps this technique is not 100% effective because the mole may reappear. Also in this case the extraction is performed with a scalpel although the skin surface so not as deep as the above.
  • Laser: This technique is used in beauty centers because it is applicable only if noncancerous moles without risk of melanoma.

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