The truth about laser hair removal

Despite being an increasingly widespread treatment, even they run many false myths.

Laser hair removal is an option more effective, if not the most effective when removing hair in both men and women. Regarding operation, the laser light is converted into heat and penetrates the skin, removing the hair follicle (the hair root) and leaving the surface intact. Despite being increasingly widespread among the population, there are still misconceptions about this treatment. Let’s see what are the truths and lies about laser hair removal:

  • The laser can be carried throughout the body: True! It can be applied on any part of the body that has the appropriate hair for it, like the chin, upper lip, cheeks, ears, nose, forehead, neck, armpits, arms, chest, back, legs.
  • The hair is removed forever: False! Its growth is subject to hormonal processes, so the hair is removed permanently, but not definitive. Of course, with each session it grows less, weaker and clearer.
  • The clear hair is more difficult to remove: True! It is very important to correctly assess the burden of melanin patient has hair. The easiest way to remove hair is thick and dark. Whenever the case of a thin and lighter hair, you can shave with laser, although possibly will require a greater number of sessions for its lower melanin content. If the hair is very blond or white, cannot be depilated lacking pigment.

laser hair removal

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Laser and sun

Just when the summer comes is when many people think they could shave laser to avoid having to spend all these months using the usual alternatives. Lets see what are the truths and lies associated with this time of year and laser hair removal:

  • Not to shave in summer: False! This type of hair removal can be done throughout the year; the only contraindication is tanned skin. However, this should not be a big problem, because the intervals between sessions are usually two or three months, you can hold a meeting before the summer and another later.
  • Do not take the sun after: False! Yes you can, but as in some patients, the skin may be more sensitive, are advised to wait at least fifteen days after the session, so with a sunscreen full screen, in short periods of time at the beginning and whenever the skin is perfect, without redness or color changes.

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  • No matter if we take the sun before: False! As after the session laser is important that the treated area is well protected with sunscreen, we also have to follow a number of previous recommendations: it is not advisable to sun exposure at least four or five weeks before the laser session, nor you can use self-tanners.
  • After starting treatment, you cannot shave: False Half, half true! Should not shave the area to be treated with traction techniques (tweezing, waxing or depilatory razors) as pluck the hair root (there needs to be gone for treatment to be effective). However, you can shave with a blade.
  • The laser is painless: False! Although it is a soft and highly tolerated treatment, notice a slight momentary sensation of heat, which is attenuated with a system of cold air. Some patients may have more sensitivity to pain; in these cases, there is a local anesthetic cream to avoid discomfort.
  • It is an expensive treatment: True and false! This method of hair removal is more profitable than others, if we analyze it in its entirety. The investment depends on the extent of the treatment area, but is probably less than the total cost of all traditional waxing, saving time involved.

Please note that laser hair removal is not equal in all centers. In recent years have proliferated spaces that offer very limited treatment by unskilled staff and prices. In experienced hands, it is a safe method that removes hair and skin friendly.

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