Does counting calories to lose weight?

A few months ago we explained in the blog as the fact gain or lose weight is very simple principle: eat energy every day, and every day we spend energy. If we spend more energy than we consume and if not fatten. The logical consequence of this fact is that many people think that the most effective method to lose weight is to count calories to limit energy intake. But this method very popular lately, is receiving much criticism by health professionals. Consider the dangers.

A method that creates an obsession with food

Many nutritionists and psychologists have observed as people who count calories to lose weight tend to develop an obsession with this account, and totally disconnect your intake of the sensations of your body (appetite, hunger). Often the risk of eating imbalances is greater than the benefit of lowering short-term weight.

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All calories are not equal

One thing is to calculate the energy contribution of each food, and quite another is that two foods with the same calories are equal useful for the organism. As we have stressed many times in the blog, the most important thing is to have a varied and balanced diet. If you take a look at the foods thats daily or weekly consumption is recommended, and avoid those that are recommended to avoid, you probably get much better results than if you count calories.

The body does not absorb all foods equal

A lot of elements come into play in absorbing the calories of food:

  • The preparation of the dish: Raw products generally provide fewer calories than those cooked, probably because it costs more to digest.
  • The chewing: More people who chew their food less fattening.
  • The type of food: Carbohydrates are very easily absorbed, while our digestive system has to spend more energy to absorb fats and even more for proteins.
  • Each person is different: Some absorb more calories than others. We are not equal before the calories.

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The data are unreliable

There may be a noticeable difference between the calories listed on a product and reality. And for those products that are not nutritional label (such as fruits and vegetables, for example), there may be a difference between the estimated nutritional value tables found on the Internet and reality. There is also the added problem that often speaks of portions of certain sizes, and we do not weigh everything we eat, and we tend to serve larger portions.

All this makes it not easy to count calories, and therefore that the methodology is not very reliable for weight loss.


It seems that counting calories is a system impractical and unreliable, which can make obsess with the food, without having well long-term results. Unfortunately, often on the subject of weight loss, leaving miracle solutions or methodologies that seems sensible but end up having more disadvantages than advantages.

In this case, the most important diet remains:

  • Make three meals a day.
  • Eat balanced and varied.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Make exercise.
  • Down a bit ingested portions.

And as always, in case of problems, before relying on the regimen fashion, best to consult a physician specializing in nutrition.

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