How weight loss depends on metabolism

Metabolism, or metabolism – is the process of splitting carbohydrates, proteins and fats to extract energy from the body, to implement important processes of life.

The ratio of consumed calories and consumed calories affects the metabolic rate. Only from the metabolism depends on how a person burns calories, gaining weight or losing it. Not all people have the same metabolism. Such factors as sex, age, and the volume of muscle tissue affect the rate of metabolism.

And, of course, this speed depends on heredity. Even problems with the thyroid can slow down the metabolism.

Probably, many people will be surprised by the fact that the more a person weighs, the faster his metabolic processes go. In order to ensure normal life, the body has to work harder and harder because of excess weight.

metabolism weight loss

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At the beginning of a diet, a person loses more weight faster than at the end. This is explained by the fact that a full person metabolism initially works faster, and a slight decrease in calorie intake leads to a rapid reduction in weight. As soon as a slimming person loses some of the muscle and fat mass, the body will need fewer calories for normal functioning.

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In this case, metabolic processes begin to slow down, and for further weight loss you will have to further reduce calorie intake. As soon as the metabolism slows down, a person can quickly gain weight if he starts eating sweet and fatty foods.

As you know, the body burns everything – and fats, and carbohydrates, and proteins. For sure, every person would like to burn only fats.

It is clear that losing weight directly depends on the metabolism. In order to accelerate this exchange, it is necessary to consume in food products for which less energy would be spent.

metabolism weight loss

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Speed ​​up metabolism and maintain a normal weight can be if you build muscle. For this, it is not necessary to engage in bodybuilding, it is enough to train the legs, arms, hips and abdominal muscles.

Strong sleep helps to speed up the process of metabolism. Since nedosyp slows the metabolism, and therefore, the number of calories burned during sleep, decreases.

Affects the metabolism and natural weight loss proper nutrition. You have to eat every two hours. The more often a person eats, the higher the metabolic rate, the muscle mass is provided with energy, fat is not postponed.

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