Getting enough sleep can help you lose weight

Summer is approaching and the vast majority of people want to be physically prepared to receive it, either to share in swimming pools, beaches, lakes, camping or taking some sun without being covered to the neck because they have a weight ideal or healthy.

In this connection and for people who want to start losing those extra kilos there is a recent study it indicates that the amount of hours we sleep is related to hormones that control hunger and be satisfied when eating.

Sleep Properly

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The study of the scientific journal Sleep

This study appears in the recently published, which were observed in 27 people between 30 and 45 years. Within the group, they slept about 9 and another 4 hours.


Within the group that participated in the experiment, men who slept less time had more hunger and women after eating did not feel sufficiently met. Which he indicated that in both situations, not getting enough sleep makes a person more like eating and therefore directly related to whether we want to maintain or achieve a healthy weight.

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Tips for Better Sleep

As we have already realized now, maybe we are not getting enough sleep or good way, that is why we leave some tips so you can get enough sleep and see how this affects your appetite, satiety and weight loss.

  • Exercise daily. The idea is to do some kind of physical activity among 20 to 30 minutes every day, ideally about 5 hours before going to bed.
  • Do not take naps. Since they can make it more difficult to sleep when we want to do at night.If you are already accustomed (or) you can only do as much as possible for 30 minutes and not after 15:00.
  • Clean your room. That is your bedroom only for sleeping, leaving out anything related to work.
  • Watches near you. Of course you need to have an alarm for some, but you can have it at a safe distance, so that on waking in the middle of the night, perhaps as a result of insomnia do not panic because a short while to get up or having to deal with something that does not suit us.
  • Sticking to a schedule. Remember; if possible set a time each day to go to sleep. You can do some preliminary activities such as reading a book, take a bath, get a massage with your partner or meditate. Ideas are.
  • I can not sleep. On the one hand if it costs you achieve the dream, do not self medicate because some remedies can cause addiction and dependence. First consult a doctor. Moreover, you can get up, get a book to read or do something that you “drop” and then when you feel sleep, go back to your bed.

We hope these tips are helpful and try to see if it is presented the ratio of hunger and satisfaction with sleep.

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