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10 Best Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat

Abdominal Fat
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Abdominal fat is the one we hate the most when we put on a dress, pants and suddenly we lose our love handles.

To burn all those llantitas, I leave this routine and exercises that you can do to burn that extra fat that you have in your abdomen.

In this article, I leave you the explanation of how to do each exercise and to start burning all abdominal fat.

Here we write and showing images 10 best exercises to burn abdominal fat

1. The step of the bear

The step of the bear or bear crawl will take you back to your baby days, even if you do not remember it since it basically consists of crawling again.

This exercise that takes its name because it imitates the walk of the plantigrade, does not require equipment and puts a few muscles to work despite its simplicity.

Abdominal Fat

  • Get on your knees and rest your hands on the ground, with a gap a little greater than the width of your shoulders.
  • Elevate the hip, separate the knees from the floor and stretch the legs until they rest on the tips of the feet.
  • Begin to advance like a bear, advancing one hand and the foot of the other side, trying to keep the back parallel to the ground.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start as a “slow bear”, becoming little by little a “fast bear”.

As you increase your speed, you will require more muscles such as abs, obliques, trapezius, dorsal, deltoid, quadriceps, buttocks and twins.

This friendly and easy exercise also helps improve coordination and mechanics to breathe, while strengthening the wrists and hands. See this article: Abs: Learn how to spot and make an assessment test

2. Farmer’s walk with dumbbells

Walking is the simplest exercise that exists and can help you stay healthy indefinitely while maintaining an adequate body weight and good cardiovascular and general health.

Vigorous walking facilitates calorie burning with low impact on the joints and is available to almost anyone, with the only precaution of regulating its duration and intensity depending on the physical state at the beginning.

If you add some weight to your exercise, as in the case of the farmer’s walk, you will make an additional requirement to your muscles, promoting the burning of abdominal fat.

Abdominal Fat

It is simply about taking a good weight dumbbell with each hand and starting to walk. You can also do the farmer’s walk with kettlebells and even with sandbags, heavy backpacks and other objects that are easy to hold for transport.

Have you ever loaded two heavy bags from the car to the kitchen and when you arrived you feel somewhat tired? That’s the farmer’s walk! Keep readinghttp://healthiestlife4me.com/great-tips-for-getting-rid-of-belly-fat/

To perform this functional exercise it is important that you keep your back straight and your elbows slightly bent.

It is a complete exercise than you probably imagine since it puts to work the muscles of the arms, forearms, shoulders, legs, and back.

You start with distances and weights that are not too demanding, increasing both progressively.

3. Skater jump

The jump of the skater allows moving the body from one side to another, strengthening mainly the muscles of the hips and the lower train. It is done as follows:

Abdominal Fat

  • Rest one hand on the floor aligned with the shoulder and laterally stretch the leg on the same side.
  • Flex the other leg by the knee in such a way that it allows you to comfortably hold the hand that is on the ground.
  • Alternate the position from one side to another, giving each time a slight jump that allows rhythmically change the hand supported and the leg stretched quickly.

It is important to keep your back straight. Start slowly until you master the set of legs and then print speed to the movement.

4. Walking strolls

This strength routine is good for beginners and has the advantage that you do not need equipment.

Abdominal Fat

  • Erect normally, take a stride with one leg.
  • Descend to the floor by flexing both knees until the knee of the leg opposite to the stride almost touches the floor.
  • Advance the back foot and continue alternating both legs.

During this exercise, you should maintain the verticality of the trunk, with the shoulders slightly back and the chest erect.

The walking strides help to train especially the calves, the hip, and the glutes.

This exercise also helps improve hip movement, promotes cardiac conditioning and is a good complement to the routine of runners and jumpers.

5. Squats Cup

This exercise consisting of performing squats holding a weight in front of the chest is probably the best way to squat.

Holding a weight frontally, apart from adding exigency to the exercise in comparison with the classic weightless squat, helps to achieve a better balance, to maintain verticality of the trunk and to eliminate stress in the spine, concentrating it in the muscles.

Abdominal Fat

Cup squats are safer than bar squats and the most practical thing is to do them with a dumbbell, although a Russian kettle can also be used. Do the following routine:

  • Stand holding the dumbbell with the bases both hands at the bottom of one of your heads (as if you were holding a cup with both hands).
  • Place the dumbbell with its upper end approximately at chest height.
  • Keep your feet with a width equivalent of shoulder width and fingers pointing outwards, pull out your chest and look straight ahead at a fixed point.
  • Make the squat, descending in a controlled manner, return to the starting position and repeat.

Cup squats are excellent for exercising the abdominal area and shoulders.

6. Dumbbell skier

The swing dumbbell is an extraordinary and simple exercise to improve physical fitness and lose abdominal fat, without exposing the joints to stress by the pounding against the pavement that involves running.

abdominal fat


  • Take a dumbbell with each hand in supination grip.
  • Stand with your feet together so that the dumbbells do not rub against your thighs.
  • With arms parallel and stretched, bend at the knees and bring the dumbbells back and forth, in a movement similar to that of a skier.

The routine of the dumbbell skier stimulates the metabolism, helps to build muscles and puts emphasis on the posterior muscles, is ideal for those who wish to add lean mass in the gluteals, hamstrings, and back.

Many men need more meat in their butt and other posterior muscles and this exercise will allow them to get it.

7. Jumps step up

These exercises are a modality of box jumping, providing less impact on the knees than jumping with both legs and squatting.

Abdominal Fat

  • Stand in front of a sturdy box or similar object at a height that is appropriate for you.
  • Join both hands with arms half-stretched in front of the chest to achieve a better balance during exercise.
  • It jumps alternately with each leg, to the top of the box, flexing it at the end of the movement.
  • Repeat as many repetitions as you can before taking a break.

The step-up jumps are fun exercises that intensely train the lower body train, extinguishing abdominal fat at high speed.

They are particularly good at counteracting the sinking of the gluteus as a result of sitting for a long time.

8. Lizards

The lizards, push-ups or push-up are a classic that does not go out of style because of its effectiveness as an exercise, demanding applicant of pectorals, deltoids, serratus anterior, triceps, back muscles, abdominals, obliques, and glutes.

Despite being a well-known and popular exercise, it is important to learn how to do push-ups in the right way to optimize your performance and avoid musculoskeletal discomfort.

Abdominal Fat

  • Place yourself face down (ventral decubitus or prone position), so that the belly and chest are on the floor.
  • Put the palms of the hands on the floor aligned with the shoulders and bend the arms so that the elbows are facing backward.
  • Contract the abdominals and lift the whole body with an integral push up.
  • In a controlled manner, flex at the elbows and lower the body until the chest again makes contact with the surface, and repeat.

It is very important that during the execution of the exercise, the hips, shoulders, and heels remain aligned.

It is also essential that the elbows stay close to the body and looking back to protect the muscles and ligaments of the shoulders from injuries.

9. Box jump with squat

This exercise of power and resistance mainly relates to the quadriceps, the nucleus, and the buttocks.

You need a box, drawer or heavy-duty bench, of an appropriate height according to the level of skill of the performer.

Abdominal Fat

  • Stand in front of the box.
  • Lower slightly to a position of about 1/4 squat and jump with both legs in an explosive movement towards the top of the box.
  • During the execution of the jump, raise the hips and legs, while you swing the arms.
  • Without interrupting the movement of the jump, do the classic squat at the top of the box.
  • Return to the original position, standing in front of the box, and repeat.

Start with moderate heights and increase the height of the object as you gain dexterity.

When standing in front of the box, the distance of separation must increase as the object is higher.

The jump box with squat exerts a strong contraction in the muscle fibers involved, stimulating the burning of abdominal fat.

This exercise is not recommended for people who are overweight or obese.

10. Squat with clean

For the squat with thrust or thruster, you will need a bar of weights.

Abdominal Fat

  • Stand in front of the bar with your feet a little wider than shoulder width and pointing slightly outward.
  • Hold the bar with your palms facing down and lift it up to shoulder height.
  • In a single continuous movement, do the squat by flexing at the knees and then raise the bar in a jerk over your head until the arms are fully stretched and perpendicular to the ground.
  • Return the bar to shoulder height and repeat.

During the squat, the trunk should lower keeping the back straight, until the thighs are parallel to the ground.

For the correct execution of this exercise, it is essential that the squat and the impulse for the clean-up be linked in a single and fluid movement.

The squat with a jerk is a complete exercise of strength and will be more effective to burn abdominal fat accelerated to the extent that you can raise the weights, maintaining safety precautions.

The exercise emphatically demands the participation of shoulders, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and twins, with the collaboration of the muscles of the intermediate train.

Keep in mind that it is an intense exercise, so beginners should start with low weight, focusing primarily on mastering the technique. The weight increases should also be very moderate.

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