Dandruff, a problem for the head!

In winter is dry, summer is oily but always, really always, it’s embarrassing.

We speak of the common dandruff, a problem certainly not serious, but definitely annoying, covering 2 percent of the population, more men than women.

What exactly is dandruff? And how can you stem this ugly whitening of jackets and coats?

As well as the rest of the skin, the scalp undergoes a continuous cell turnover process: the stratum corneum cells, i.e. the most superficial, is continuously off almost invisible in small groups and give way to the underlying cells. But this physiological process of flaking sometimes change becoming more intense and rapid. According to studies conducted in the 70s what would happen because of small inflammatory foci localized around blood vessels of the skin of the head. According to the latest research the process would also be associated with the transition of some microorganisms of the head, especially mycobacteria and yeasts, that harmless become virulent. Well, when this happens, the cell clusters horny almost invisible replacing larger scales … unfortunately very obvious to the naked eye: dandruff, in fact.


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Dry and oily: The dandruff are two

What falls on the shoulders is typically dry flakes, more frequent in winter. The oily dandruff is a more typical phenomenon of the warm months. The oily dandruff usually does not fall, because it remains trapped in the sebum produced by the scalp. The dry dandruff is small, characterized by a normal skin and gives little itching. That fat instead, consists of larger scales and unctuous, is associated with the scalp itching and redness, sometimes also insistent.

We make no confusion

The common dandruff should not be confused with seborrheic dermatitis is a skin disease caused by an alteration of the composition of sebum due to hormones. Unlike simple dandruff that focuses exclusively on the scalp, seborrheic dermatitis can be identified by the presence of other signs, such as reddish and scaly patches also out of this area, particularly at the hairline, at both the front and whisker. Seborrheic dermatitis is not a mere annoyance or transient aesthetic issue, but a relevant medical condition requires diagnosis by a specialist and often medicated products, for example shampoos with antifungal, cortisone, etc. …

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From what dandruff can be encouraged?

Different habits and wrong products also contribute to the appearance of dandruff: aggressive shampoo, diets rich in animal fats and low in vitamins and trace minerals, air pollution, especially particulate matter, and finally even stress. But it can help, starting from hygiene. The hair should be washed thoroughly at least three times a week to remove smog and other impurities. The products must be delicate; they are good for example oily formulations. Every 10-15 days you can use a specific anti-dandruff and anti-microbial, and about once a month – some specialists recommend – you can use an exfoliate that is a scrub to remove for good the scales from the scalp (there are different pharmacy) and then apply a good moisturizer.

True and false on dandruff

Some believe that dandruff causes hair loss. Not so. The common dandruff does not cause hair loss. Neither index is sloppiness and ignorance of the common rules of personal hygiene although as we have certainly said the lack of hygiene does not help. It may be true it is that in winter the dandruff is more abundant, this simply because during the cold months we tend to wash your hair less often. It is false that dandruff can disappear in a single session: There are no products to now be able to do so. It is not true that if you have dandruff you cannot use hats, indeed, wear one could prevent smog particles and dirt from accumulating on the head. But be careful to choose a leader in natural material and not fitting because the scalp needs to breathe.

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