Chapped Hands: Symptoms and Remedies

The chapped hands are a very common phenomenon in which the skin is dry, cracked and inelastic. The causes of this disorder can be of different nature (climatic and environmental factors, genetic predisposition and misuse of soaps and cosmetics). We analyze how to prevent them.

The symptoms of chapped hands

The symptoms of chapped hands are pretty obvious to become annoying for the person affected. In particular, the skin becomes rough to the touch, dry, red, with the presence of wrinkles and small cuts, inelastic and from as little complexion. If the situation is not buffered wrinkles can go to depths of up to squatted and break the skin and make it bleed.

Chapped Hands

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The causes of chapped hands

The causes of chapped hands are varied and it is important to highlight them all in order to plan a correct prevention and avoid the alteration of the barrier that protects the skin.

Often people suffer from the problem in the winter because of lowering the temperature, temperature changes and the fact that the hands are almost never protected from the attack of these external agents. The cold and wind typical of the winter season, in fact, have the ability to dry out the skin and change the state of his health.

At the same time you may suffer from chapped hands even in summer because of action of the sun and UV rays that can damage slowly the innermost fibers.

One of the main causes of dry skin on the hands is the improper use of detergents, soaps and beauty products. Washing too often made with harsh soaps can affect the skin’s ability to retain water bringing it to dry out excessively.

Although genetic predisposition is a significant factor in the onset of the problem when dry skin can be common phenomena within the same household.

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How to prevent chapped hands

We remember that our skin is very delicate and, like much of disorders that affect the best way to treat it is a proper prevention, which must take place throughout the day.

First of all it is important to the proper daily washing which must take place with neutral and mild soaps that do not alter the protective layer and its ability to retain water. Ideal those within them have active nutrients and protective.

Useful advice to those involved in the cleaning of the house is to be careful when using detergent for washing clothes, utensils or home care because they may contain irritants. So always use latex gloves when doing housework.

Fundamental is also the right and wise use of creams and cosmetics for skin care. They will prefer moisturizers, softeners and emollients to be applied several times a day. The creams will have the ability to restore the skin’s ability to retain water service to his livelihood. The cream should have the feature to quickly soak up so you do not give us problems in carrying out normal daily activities. So it’s important to distribute it evenly and invest a few moments in the health of our skin.

Beware of scented creams, as many people may be intolerant to perfumes that might irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions.

During the winter months, we must do even more attention to the care for hands to time, often being discovered, under attack from the weather and external agents. Take then the habit of using wool gloves when we leave the house.

Finally, always favor the right amount of water to all the cells it is important to drink the right amount of water. Experts recommend two liters to drink throughout the day.

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