Sensitive skin: Causes and remedies

Causes and remedies for those who suffer from sensitive skin how to face and solve the problem.

For sensitive skin means a delicate and fragile skin that reacts negatively to physical and irritating chemicals. It should not have to be already prone to skin disease or inflammation, but it is definitely more prone to allergies, to wrinkles and premature aging. Have sensitive skin is a fact, which is well known in the population, and often they tend to underestimate the factors that could damage significantly.

Sensitive skin

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There are the same for all causes that could explain the condition of skin hypersensitivity, but we can mention the most common ones:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight or wind.
  • Temperature changes.
  • Use of harsh cosmetic products (depilatory creams, deodorants, make-up, shampoos, hair dyes, make-up removers, bath foam …)

While climatic factors weaken the skin’s natural barrier, across the unregulated application of cosmetic substances at high risk of irritation foments the appearance of inflammation, dryness and redness of the skin. It is not however be excluded that the sensitive skin would be a hereditary and genetic character.

A “normal” skin can become sensitive during the time irrespective of the genetic matter and in this regard we can mention many other causes which usually depend on the daily lifestyle of individual:

  • Stress
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse
  • Busy life
  • Irregular and unhealthy diet
  • Smog and Pollution
  • Excessive exposure to UV rays (solar and artificial)

You need to be informed about the type of skin products that we are using and check if the ingredients are irritating and corrosive in the long term. Also, begin to lead a healthier life and a regular can only have a positive influence on our whole body.

In this regard, much of the cosmetic market is moving towards the production and marketing of more and more cosmetic natural.

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As mentioned in the first paragraph, sensitive skin is a common discomfort and strong growth.

In recent years, there has been more and more massive intervention of cosmetologists and dermatologists who have engaged in the study of the most suitable for sensitive skin products.

It is important that people with sensitive skin use specific products and specifically designed for the welfare and care of your body.

There are in fact full product lines, which then include shower gel, shampoo, face cream, body lotion , shaving cream, etc.. that can meet these needs: These ranges of products scientifically formulated and tested, can be found in drugstores or in health food stores.

These products have specific characteristics for sensitive skin, for example, do not contain perfumes, parabens, alcohol, soaps, dyes and nickel.

It should, therefore, make a skin examination and carefully choose the best products for the type and sensitivity of their skin.

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