You can rejuvenate skin that has lost elasticity

An aged skin that has lost elasticity, which has become increasingly visible wrinkles, can still somehow be recovered? What can a person with the means at its disposal, namely creams and masks, to try to restore elasticity and texture to the skin?

To improve or better “catch” an aged skin, one of the strategies is to combine the use of supplements and cosmetics “special.”

Through the use of the supplements you can assume active, such as Omega 3 that, if balanced with a fair share of antioxidants, facilitate the fight inflammation. Inflammation is one of the accelerators of the aging process.

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The need to take Omega 3 is linked to the fact that in the daily diet there is a prevalence of introduction of Omega 6 (red meat, sausages). The latter are “mediators” that promote inflammation, Omega 3, however, serve precisely to counteract this process.

It is also useful to combine the application of cosmetics with “special” activities. Today, the cosmetic anti-aging has become “high-tech” not only for the formulation and the vehicles used, but especially for active “functional.” Modern cosmetics are aimed to the quality of mobile life, the proper metabolism and deep hydration of the skin.

The emerging trend is, therefore, that of functional cosmetics, that is, the undeniable capacity of such cosmetics to interact positively with the physiological and metabolic processes in the skin to keep the skin in good condition.

The “functional” active principles then become a sort of “supplements to topical use”, whose primary mission is to provide the skin all nutrients necessary to keep it healthy and to counteract aging. With the passage of time, at skin level, they are to decrease different cell nutrients, many enzymatic mechanisms and the cell metabolism is slowed down.

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Comes the new concept of “Skin Diet” intended as a true topical and nutritional supply of assets that seeks to fill the needs and the needs of the skin, and counteract the five cellular processes related to aging and DNA damage, namely: oxidation, methylation, glycation, inflammation and DNA repair.

Normally pool of antioxidant are employed for topical use, such as vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and a-lipoic acid. These molecules are able, through different mechanisms to act by stimulating the production of collagen (vitamin C), to improve the trophism Cell (CoQ10) and reducing the activation of transcription factors such as NF -KB (a-lipoic acid).

Recently, interesting innovative compounds have been identified and studied as: the dipeptide L-carnosine (active antiglicante); anthocyanins content for example in the berry Maqui berry or Aristotelia chilensis (powerful antioxidant active for the high levels of anthocyanins) or pomegranate; Chia seeds or Salvia hispanica (active anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, is one of the richest natural plant sources of omega-3); extract Spinach (active antimetilazione); the maslinico acid (molecule extracted from the heart of the olive, is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the production of pro-inflammatory mediators); the polysaccharide rich in fucose “FROP-3” able to increase the fibroblastic synthesis of glycosaminoglycans with consequent improvement in skin appearance and reduction of wrinkles.

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