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How to prevent and treat warts through diet

treat warts
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Are you having warts problems and want to give a help to the corresponding drugs? We know that treating warts can be complicated, although there are several options.

We recommend you to continue reading if you are already tired of dealing with this problem without success. Remember that feeding is something you can control and it is a simple and economical way to treat warts.

What are warts?treat warts

Warts are the result of the attack of some viruses on your body. The most common reason is the human papillomavirus ( HPV ). Although the recommendation is to have sex with barrier methods, there is always the risk of contagion.

If this has already happened, we suggest you follow the instructions of your doctor and treat warts with the following advice. It is very important that you pay attention to the appearance of warts on the soles of the feet, genital area, legs, and face. Sometimes this problem can be overlooked for a long time. You may continue reading this article:The Best Vitamins and Minerals for Acne

Eat vegetablestreat warts

The first step to treating warts is to consume enough foods rich in vitamins and minerals. One of the best options is green leafy vegetables or from the sea. Both are rich in B vitamins and calcium.

This kind of food increases the capacity of your immune system and prepares you better to fight the symptoms of HPV.

We recommend you include in particular: kale, kombu, nori, spinach, broccoli, arame, lettuce, spirulina, and arugula.

We know that seaweed or sea vegetables are not a particularly common food but you should give them the opportunity. They are very nutritious foods that leave you sated with very little quantity.

The best fruits to treat warts

Fruits are another food that will help fight warts and improve the capacity of your immune system . Depend on the type of fruit you consume, you will get one or the other benefit. Some examples are:

  • Pumpkin, tomatoes, blackberries, and peppers are rich in antioxidants. The best thing is that they are so low in calories that you can eat them without guilt in all your meals.
  • The red peppers, lemons and other citrus fruits. They provide a good amount of vitamin C. Your contribution is one of the largest you can get.
  • Pumpkins and pumpkin seed will give vitamin A. This vitamin is key to dealing with warts as it improves the ability of cells to interact with each other.

Aromatic herbstreat warts

Aromatic herbs not only add a touch of interesting flavor to your dishes. They also prepare your body to fight viral infections, bacteria, and infections by parasites.

This is because the aromatic herbs contain flavonoid and phenolic acid antioxidants. Among the benefits of flavonoids are also the antimicrobial effect and the fight against heart problems.

On the other hand, phenolic acids reduce cell damage caused by oxidation. Although it is possible to obtain phenolic acids in the form of capsules, we suggest you choose aromatic herbs.

Some options that you should consume frequently are garlic, thyme, oregano, rosemary, green tea, cloves, black tea.

We recommend you consume at least one drink or infusion with these herbs per day. Just remember not to add sugars or other sweeteners. In any case, you can use organic natural honey.


Another one of the necessary foods to treat warts are lean proteins. It is important that you include plant and animal proteins equally :

  • Meat
  • Tofu
  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Almonds
  • Beans

Both beans, walnuts, and almonds are rich in calcium and vitamins of group B. When you combine them with vegetables that we mentioned in the first point, you get an excellent protective layer.

Cold water fish are also exceptional for treating warts. However, it is advisable to avoid red meat. Especially those that have large amounts of fat.

Another protein that not all consume regularly is oysters. These are excellent allies against warts because of their high inc content. This mineral strengthens the immune system.

Foods to avoid when treating wartstreat warts

Now that you know what foods to eat, remember to stay away from:

  • Highly processed foods
  • Unhealthy and unnatural fats
  • Caffeine and other stimulants
  • Alcohol
  • Margarine and butter

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