Permanent hair removal by laser or electrocoagulation, including methods and effectiveness

A feminine woman, first of all, think about its image, and the need to be always beautiful and desirable in the eyes of men, and not only. That of the unwanted hair is a problem with which women are fighting periodically, using different techniques are not always effective as you would like: the razor, to waxing, through the blade. Today, however, we speak of permanent hair removal.

But if a woman wanted to say goodbye to body hair, what can you do? Currently there are different permanent hair removal techniques, which we present below in detail. Best permanent hair removal by laser or electrolysis?

Permanent hair removal

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This is a technique to eliminate definitively the hairs that exploits the potential of the electric current. A needle of small dimensions, the tip of which an electric current, is inserted into the hair follicle is applied. Within seconds the hair is devitalized, and you can pull it out through a pair of tweezers with its bulb. The operation is quite complex and long duration, also in proportion to the patient’s hair, and therefore more sessions are required to obtain a satisfactory final result.

The advice: Experts suggest to shave the hairs from 4 to 5 days before you undergo a hair removal session. The ‘up’ hair, those found in the so-called phase anagen are easier to destroy and then to be permanently removed from the follicle.

Side effects: The practice electrocoagulation can be, in itself, rather painful, for this sometimes the patient may be proposed the use of a local anesthetic to eliminate the sensation of pain. If not done in a workmanlike manner, in addition, this mechanism of elimination of hair can cause the formation of small scars which, as such, are permanent. A darkening of the skin, spots, can also be a blemish caused elettrocoagulazione.

Hair removal using electromagnetic waves

This type of hair removal, very popular not only among women but also among men, it is newly introduced, and ensures permanent hair removal without having to endure pain during epilative sessions. It is in fact a technique that uses a device that uses electromagnetic waves and particular bio frequencies to weaken the hairs from the root, favoring the extraction. After the use of special machine, a special gel is spread in the skin portion on which it is acting, to soften the hair before waxing. Who has tried it says it is a totally painless practice, but the evidence is only partial and only a small percentage of hair is permanently removed (around 40% of total hairs).

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Side effects: The technique of permanent hair removal with electromagnetic waves, as well as for electrocoagulation, is the cause of numerous imperfections of the skin, which in most circumstances is not possible to defeat. We are talking about small scars or different pigmentation of the skin, which can result in complete treatment, darker and patchy, in specific parts of the body, especially on the neck, arms and groin area. While being totally painless, it can cause rashes circumscribed, that if treated quickly, are not subject to any kind of complication.

Permanent laser hair removal

Probably this is one of the hair removal techniques the most widespread, since it is used for many years and is constantly subject to evolution of technical type. The operation is very simple: the laser beam of the instrument used is attracted by the melanin, which is abundantly present in the hair; what it does, it is to significantly weaken the hair, to the base, with the atrophy of the hair bulb. The hair, as mentioned, it becomes weak and is subject to fall.

The advice: How to electrocoagulation, it is advisable to undergo a session of laser hair removal with growing hair, to a length of no more than 2-3 mm. This favors the greater effectiveness of the treatment. It is also important not to have any type of hormonal dysfunction and even less to have tanned skin.

Side effects: Laser hair removal can cause, to data processing carried out, redness and rashes, annoying but temporary: with the right cream, only needs a few days to eliminate them. The biggest risk is linked to the spots that may appear if it has a dark or very tanned skin, due to the melanin of the skin damage.

These are currently the three most effective methods by which women, but also men, trying to find a permanent solution to a hair too thick. However, it should be noted that permanent hair removal, which ultimately does not exist. The skin will stay smooth and hairless for a long time, it took place in treatment, but regrowth is only delayed: the results are seen for a long time, then, but none of the treatments at the time, can guarantee miracles.

And what do you think, is best permanent hair removal by laser or electrolysis?

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