Activated charcoal for the face: Indications and contraindications

Activated charcoal is a well-known medicinal product used as enter sorbent, that is, to rid the body of intoxication by absorbing poisonous substances. Coal is an absolutely natural and safe product, because it is made by burning certain wood species. Due to its properties, activated charcoal is able to cope with stomach diseases, it is also used for slimming purposes and for water filtration. Do not deprive of attention these unique black tablets and adherents of home cosmetics for the face. And all because activated charcoal complex effects on the skin and resolves about 90% of the problems associated with its health and beauty.

Activated charcoal for the face Indications

Indications and contraindications

Activated charcoal mask benefits despite the procedures that it undergoes during production, still retains all the most useful properties of wood. It is thanks to this that it is used in home cosmetic products. The composition of black tablets is extremely simple. It includes such chemical elements: hydrocharcoal, oxygen and hydrogen. Together, all of the listed substances produce a tremendous effect: they normalize the metabolic processes in the skin and release it from various kinds of contaminants. Therefore, the mask with the addition of activated charcoal is shown to be used for

  • Blocking of the foci of inflammation that appeared on the skin of the face in the form of acne and acne. And coal masks are effective even for teenagers. The main component of the product, coal, penetrating deeply into the skin, not only cures already appeared rashes, but also prevents their re-formation.
  • Restoration of normal operation of the sebaceous glands. Under the influence of activated charcoal, sebum production is significantly reduced, thus, oily skin gets rid of gloss and sebaceous plugs, and they are known to be considered one of the main causes of the appearance on the skin of unwanted tumors – acne, black spots and blackheads.
  • Alignment of the relief of the skin of the face that is, removing the roughness and small wrinkles.
  • Giving the skin a smooth and healthy color, if the problem is not caused by various internal diseases.

But, despite all the advantages, do not forget that activated charcoal is still a medicinal product, and therefore has certain contraindications to use. It cannot be used if:

  • Individual intolerance, which, although rare, it happens. Therefore, before applying the coal masks, carry out a test for its detection. Lubricate the smallest most sensitive area of the skin – the inside of the wrist or elbow, wait an hour. If at this time the skin does not turn red, and irritation is absent, you can safely use the products based on coal;
  • The expansion of small subcutaneous blood vessels;
  • Open bleeding wounds, injuries and recently stitched seams. In other words, for any fresh damage to the skin. Before applying the coal mixture, it is strictly forbidden even to squeeze pimples and black dots;
  • Purulent and ulcerative lesions of the dermis. You may also like

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