Do you know the skin care?

It is important to have a daily routine of caring for your skin.You must do it in the mornings and evenings. Currently, the lifestyle, climate change, free radicals present in the environment and the occurrence of critical illness in people getting younger, have shown us that to take care of our skin is no longer sufficient to use only soap and water.

For this reason, recently the healthcare industry, of cosmetic and beauty has had tremendous growth as it has evolved in response to our needs.It not over dependent in department stores section being increasingly more wide and varied.

The key to healthy skin is tocreate a habit of basic daily care according to ourskin type,lifestyletoand budget. To find this balance may need to try several alternatives to find a flexible routine that includes a line of successful products for our skin. It is natural skin care require adjustments or improvements over the years becauseour skin is constantly evolving.

Skin care

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Skin Care: Basic

Skin care should include atleast three basic steps:Clean,Tone, andMoisturize. If you press in each of them can find more information, utility, how todo and how toprepare some practices and homemade alternatives.

Clean to remove dirt and impurities from your skin.After toning your skin to prepare for better wetting and improve the appearance of pores.Finally, moisturize your skin to maintain its natural moisture, protected from the sun, free radicals and other external agents that are harmful to the health of your skin.

Free radicals

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms -molecular- that have lost an electron and thus are unstable or out of control.They are present in the air, mainly due to effects of smoke, pollution, radiation and the sun.To equilibration, usually enter our body in order to find and steal an electron from our healthy and stable molecules.This creates disorder and cell degeneration in our body.

In the medium term, this translates intosigns of premature agingsuch aswrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness in our skin.In the long term results incancer and other diseases associated with our skin and body.The best way to regulate the effect of free radicals in thebody is through antioxidants.


Antioxidants neutralize the oxidizing effect of free radicals and, therefore, decrease the impactof aging factors.Furthermore, theyprotect proteins and lipids of ourskinmainly present in the dermisandhypodermis.They found in vitamin A or beta -carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium.

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The skin care and nutritional products based antioxidants help create a protective barrier on our skinthat filters the entry of free radicals in our body.Thus, all three layers of our skin will be protected.

Skin Care: Special

There is another skin care or special care is also part of the facial aesthetics.Within four special cares we are: Remove make, Correct, Protect, and Consent.

Before cleaning the skin is another step: Remove make.This step is necessary for women who wear makeup on eyes and lips.Edit: After tone and moisturize before the step is performed.This step in facial care is special foranti -aging mature skinthat already has finelines or wrinkles.

These skins need special products to correct or reduce wrinkles and prevent their recurrence.This step includes all facial treatments, anti-aging or facial rejuvenation.

We also found another essential step in skin care: Protect.Many moisturizers include this step.It is necessary to protect our skin from ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB type, free radicals and other external agents.

Contrary to what many think, ultraviolet rays not only manifest themselves or are received by our skin when we are exposed to sunlight or outdoors.Also, we receive when we are inside, even in our office or home.

Finally, there isan optional step but it turns out tobe the most attractive to our skin: Spoiling.This step includes some techniques designed to pamper, regenerate and nourish our skin.These techniques need not be performed daily.Among them areexfoliation, masks, and vaporization among others.

The daily routine of basic facial care in conjunction with special care keeps your skin healthy and feeling fresh no matter what yourskin type.Your skin will look smooth and soft … will be theenvy of everyone around you.I guarantee you!

What products can I use?

In most of the pages I created for you on basic care and special skin, you find some natural recipes, practical and fast so you can prepare at home for your facial care products.

You prepare myself clarified that products for skin care are not my preference, not what I usually do. Care of my skin I select and acquire natural alternatives prepared with botanicals and with advanced and secure technology.

I worry about choosing dermatological, ophthalmological and allergically proven products. Non-Domenic-that is not clogging the pros if possible free of alcohol or astringents and containing natural fragrances.

Since myskin is oily, besides the features I mentioned above, use products designed to purify and control the brightness of my skin.In your case, you must seek special products for yourskin type.If youdo not know whattype of skin you have, you can taketheskin test.

If you have a tight rhythm of life with many responsibilities and little time, this same I suggest you make regarding care products your skin.

Where to buy and how much to invest?

In my experience, it is available in the market, cosmetics stores or facial aesthetic, not very expensive alternatives quality and practices.There are a variety of brands and facial care options, each with different quality and price.By buying solutions for your skin tries to balance the relationship between cost and benefit, seeking to give more weight to the benefit and health of your skin.

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While it is true that the market is getting very economical alternatives for facial care, they do not always contain natural or botanicals although their advertising says so.Remember that your skin is the largest organ of your body.Your image is not only outside but is irreplaceable.Therefore, you need to keep healthy all your life.I suggest you do not skimp on care.

Natural recipes

With the intention to provide more tools, I decided to share with you on this site some homemade recipes that at times I have prepared and have seemed satisfactory to my skin.Mostly are preparations whose effect is a few days, almost immediate use.The success of them is in the freshness and quality of ingredients and utensils to manipulate to make them.

To prepare you to advise using sterilized or disinfected items.Be very careful not to contaminate your hands preparations -in possible uses gloves surgical items.And keep them refrigerated, especially if you live in hot climates.

Where do you find recipes?You just have to explore the different skin care: basic and special.You can start with the basics andrecipes for cleaning your skin, continue withrecipes for fresh tonics and finally prepare moisturizing soft and natural.

What else can I do for the health of my skin?

To complement the skin care I suggest getting enough sleep if possible 7 hours a day.Sleep is vital for your skin while you sleep because your cells regenerate.To activate and improve circulation of blood in your face, I suggest making smooth expositors with your fingertips on your skin as you apply the products of skin care.This stimulation will allow greater absorption of nutrients to perform facial care.

I would also advise taking high amounts of water, eat nutritious and healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and cardiovascular exercise at least once a week.Remember that if your body is healthy, your skin will reflect it.

If you take a lifestyle with high levels of stress, work, late nights and poor diet, you should consume as much as possible natural nutritional supplements and preferably organic harvest.Supplements help you recover and protect the cells of your body.In addition, they provide more energy and vitality to carry out all the responsibilities of the day.Undoubtedly they are an excellent complement to facial care also improves the appearance of your skin.

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