How to take care of your skin in the winter

As if New Yorks winters dont bring enough disruptions as it is, stressed skin is also something you might experience if you live in the city and have to contend with our colder months.

Besides the hassle of longer commutes, inconvenient snowfalls and frigid wind tunnels, many people find their skin drier and more dehydrated during the colder months, while others find the season brings increased redness and irritation. Combine that with shorter days and less daylight, which leaves many people wanting to maximize their time on the couch and indulge in rich foods, and its no wonder peoples skin suffers.

The good news? The best facials Manhattan has to offer can be a great way to combat these skincare problems. Whether you need encouragement sticking to a regular facial routine or you want to splurge on a seasonal indulgence, occasional facials can give your skincare regime an edge.

Make sure to take these tips into consideration when youre planning your winter skincare routine:

Hydration is key

Its not just the cold New York air that sucks the moisture out of our skin. Indoor conditions can cause problems too. Cranking up the central heating can leave skin feeling dull and dehydrated. In the winter, its more important than ever to use a good quality moisturizer during the day and a rich cream overnight. Some people opt to use face oil at night, giving them an added moisture boost.

To keep your skin at its healthiest and most replenished, look for treatments that boost hydration and nourishment. Rich cream cleansers, serums, and hydrating masks are all excellent options during this time. If you decide to battle New York Citys winter with facials, be sure to tell your aesthetician, st the drying element you can benefit from a full range of moisture-rich products that protect against.

Dont forget about internal hydration too! A refreshing glass of cold water doesnt have quite the impact it does in the summer, so keep healthy with herbal tea or warm water with lemon. Your skin will notice the difference.

Peel away that winter dullness

If you feel like the dry winter air has your skin looking dull, you might want to consider having an ultrasonic peel to unleash your skins radiance. This is a gentle type of peel, so if winter conditions make your face sensitive, its a much less abrasive option than a chemical peel.

The ultrasonic option is done with a device that creates high-frequency vibration across your skin, helping remove dead skin cells, refresh the outer layer and stimulate your bodys natural collagen production. When its finished, your skin will look fresh, clean and brightened, no matter what the weather outside is like.

As with most peels, if you have dry or sensitive skin its best to limit treatments like this to no more than every 6 weeks. For this reason, its a great procedure to have toward the end of the winter, when you feel your skin has been a bit neglected, but you know that sunshine is on its way.

Consider an enzyme

If youre considering where to book facials in Manhattan or elsewhere, see if you can find a spa or clinic that offers skin brightening enzymes. This is another gentle way to brighten and replenish your skin, without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives. When absorbed, the enzyme encourages a biochemical reaction, softening excess skin cells and naturally brightening the skin.

Its typically suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, which makes it a great addition to almost any treatment or skincare routine. Enzymes naturally supress melanin, so if youre looking to lighten parts of your skin (as a result of sun damage, for example) it can be great for that too.

Dont neglect your oily skin either

It tends to be dry skin that gets the most complaints during cool seasons, but if you have oily or acne-prone skin, winter can have adverse effect on you too. The constant exchange of cold air outdoors and stuffy heat inside can cause breakouts or sensitivity, while dry air of any kind can encourage your skin to produce excess sebum and oil, clogging your pores. Great, right? Wrong!

Just because its the winter doesnt mean your oily skin gets a free pass. To keep your face looking fresh and flawless come spring, it pays to keep up your maintenance during the colder seasons too. Getting a steam and extraction treatment every 4 to 6 weeks is a great way to keep your skin looking radiant and refined, no matter what time of year.

If you find its mostly your T-zone that struggles with congestion, while the winter air dries out the rest of your face, you might want to switch to a second moisturizer for the colder months, using a lightweight, clarifying solution on your oily areas and something a little more moisture-rich on the drier portions.


Dont think the dreary slog of a New York winter means your skin has to suffer! Its all about finding a dedicated regime and choosing the right treatments that work for your unique skin and complexion. With advances in skincare science, theres absolutely no reason you cant have bright, soft and flawless skin all year round.

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