Tips to relieve tired feet

To prevent fluid retention and prevent attempts feet swell you eat without salt. It is also important that the shoes do not squeeze.

The feet are a very important part of our body, they must bear the weight of it all day, so we must be aware and know that it is more than enough to provide the necessary care so that you are relaxed and rested so why adequate, allowing the realization of daily activities the next day.

Getting the perfect rest and they need our feet, not achieved only with shedding shoes, for this we must provide them with due care and attention. This time we will learn together some methods to relieve tired feet.

Tired Feet

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What can cause heaviness and tiredness of the feet?

Tiredness and heaviness repeatedly felt in the feet, can be caused by a large number of disorders that cause this symptom, to have more clarity on this issue, we will analyze some of the most common reasons that there are so fatigue occurs on the feet.

  • Efforts: Many times we subject our body to perform very strenuous physical effort, but often we do not realize this; when we remain long standing, doing household chores that do not allow adequate rest or during exercise. Feeling tired feet is the way the body seeks to make us understand that we are mistreating our body and we should put a limit.
  • Using the wrong shoes: To prevent foot pain caused by fatigue, it is essential to use comfortable shoes, whose height is not exaggerated and do not have the narrow tip.
  • Poor circulation: When people suffering from poor circulation, is likely to suffer frequent signs of fatigue in the feet.
  • Obesity: It is normal that when people are overweight, your feet feel tired because of the extra weight they have sustained.

Natural Treatments for tired feet

Foot bath with hot water

After spending an exhausting day of work, it is quite normal to get home with feet bursting with fatigue, so it is a good idea to dip them in a bowl of warm water and Epsom salts. If you want you can add a few rose petals or a few drops of peppermint oil which is very effective in improving poor circulation. When the water cools, the feet are removed and dried well, and then you can make a massage with the same oil that was used for bathing or cream to soften the skin.


To relax tired feet is very effective a massage with a cream made ​​from honey, rosemary and peppermint oil.  These three ingredients are mixed well and apply on the feet and legs in a circular motion, immediately placed stockings and legs a few centimeters on a cushion, so your feet will feel much rested rise.

Bathrooms with rice water

Simply boil some rice in two cups of water, simmer until the water is reduced to a cup, strain and passed a tub. Let stand and will add three tablespoons of baking powder. The feet are soaked and left there until the water is cold, then dry well and end up giving a massage with a cream made ​​of mint or peppermint oil.

A very useful tip that can be put into practice every day is to get home after a long day at work, try to put your feet up against the wall or with the help of a chair, for at least ten minutes, once you can massage with a soothing cream. This massage should be done in a circular motion from the toes to the top of the legs.

You can also dip your feet for twenty minutes every night in a warm infusion made from chamomile and lemon balm; it relaxes them and makes them feel good. However, in natural-lotion we have published another article where you will find the 8 best natural remedies to relieve swollen feet.

Tips for preventing foot fatigue

  • To prevent foot fatigue recommended barefoot walking for at least half an hour every day, if you can do in the middle of nature, in the grass or on the sand will be much better.
  • Wearing shoes that are not too tight, this in order to avoid a circulation also should not have too high heels. Avoid those with very narrow point.
  • The food must be healthy, avoiding very salty foods, as this can cause fluid retention problems in the feet, causing them to swell.
  • To eliminate corns and calluses on feet, it is recommended to apply petroleum jelly at night by gently massages the soles of the feet, especially on the heel. Because it is the part that dries more easily. It is indispensable to cover the feet with socks.
  • Exercise your feet and ankles rotations by moving small objects with their fingers.
  • Rolling a glass bottle with the soles of your feet on a towel for several minutes.


As you can see, the pain or foot fatigue is quite common, and it is they who have to bear the full weight of the body and also help us move from one side to the other, but if we become aware and realize these simple exercises, the problem will arise less frequently. It is very easy to follow these tips to maintain the health of our feet, but above all ensure all necessary care for these important members are not affected by the bustle of every day.

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