Tips for brides who wear glasses

How are you friend? As you know, I always go “to the rescue” of my friends who are married (love it!), so the other day, Tami came to me with an existential question, “what do I do with the glasses on wedding day?”

Tami wears glasses since the day I met her in kindergarten. The truth is that to imagine otherwise and, for me, this was not a problem until I approach it.

Do not worry, I said, and we did a course for all the specialists that we see, starting with the ophthalmologist, but also by image consultants and their makeup.

Bride with glasses

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So, friend, if you also wear glasses, we will share all the tips we collect with you. You wear glasses or an alternative, the bottom line is your vision not your image. It looks like a pun, but it is. Prioritize see well, to prevent falls and to make the most of your holiday. Besides, if everyone is used to seeing with glasses, you’re going to be same.

Several brides wear glasses, are part of her face are not ugly. If you decide to use them, take into account a few things:

  • The frame: If you want to stick with your look, you can opt for a more delicate frame, of those “invisible” (or rimless) or one pearly white, to have a style more “girlfriend.” If you invest in other accessories, why not do it in your glasses?
  • Crystals: Be anti-reflex, as if they were common, the flash Photo bounce in them and not you will see the eyes. This is a very technical detail, what you did not know?
  • Makeup: Do not have to be like that of other brides. To make your eyes look good, they should be well highlight, emphasizing the eyelashes. But it depends on the type of frame and lens (including graduation, by size in the eyes behind them are) how should makeup. I advise you to take the makeup test these glasses that you will use that day.

Alternatives if you will not wear glasses:

  • Surgical correction of myopia: If your problem is myopia and you have some time before the wedding, maybe the marriage can be the excuse or push you needed to operate on you. The operation is simple, almost painless and effective, postoperative is very simple, takes only days. My mother had surgery and is happy in life. It’s not cheap, but some prepaid and social work cover it … considers it!
  • Contacts: If you did not use lenses in your life, forget about getting used to a week before the wedding. And an eye doctor with time and empress to use and get used months earlier. They’ll be prettier, maybe, but you have to take some precautions. I tell you what going so well prevented…
  • Bursar if you use contact lenses: The makeup has to be waterproof (all brides wear it, so we cry!). You have to take, like, your glasses, because, at some point, the view will get tired. Nothing slips, smoke machine or marital rice, all that could harm you or ruin sight glasses. As you see, there are options if you do not want to take your glasses, but if you want to, you will not see ugly or be “bespectacled girlfriend”.

The “four eyes” leave it to the elementary school. In an adult, a good pair of eyeglasses with cute frame can give a sophisticated, intellectual and even sexy look. The point is to choose them well and make them fit in with your look. If you’re going to opt for surgery or lenses, haste counsel with enough time to get used to go. Good luck and quiet, you’ll be divine!

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