Six natural makeup tips

Natural makeup can be tricky to get right. Here are some tips for getting an effortless result.

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1. Get the glow

To get a dewy, natural base, mix a small amount of moisturiser in with your foundation. Its also recommended to add a dash of illuminating cream for a natural glow. This reduces the heaviness of all bases and leaves your skin looking natural and fresh.

2. Ease up on the concealer

Going overboard with concealer can lead to caking and ashy under-eyes. For a natural finish, look yourself in the eye in the mirror when applying concealer. This way, you hide only blemishes that you notice in the peripheral vision; anyone else will look you directly in the eye and wont see every flaw. This method provides a bright, dewy finish that will lift under-eye circles.

3. Lash hack

Mascara needs to be low-key. Avoid heavy, big lashes if you want a softer look. One tip is to put on mascara as usual, but then employ two cotton buds soaked in a little makeup remover; pinch the lashes between them in order to lift away the excess mascara.

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4. Definition, not drama

A good way to outline your eyes without using heavy liner is to apply a brown or black eye pencil to the bottom and top waterlines of your eyes. After this, shut your eyes tight; this pushes the pigment into your lashes roots. With a cotton bud, lift off most of the pencil from your waterline, leaving only the colour at your lashes roots. This natural definition means no harsh lines.

5. Subtle bronzer

If you would like to create a natural finish using bronzing powder, simply apply it over your faces outside edge and swirl it lightly below the cheekbones. The powder glides over your skin and gives a warm wash.

6. “Fluff” your lipstick

Bold, matte lips can be overbearing if you prefer a natural look. To achieve a softer finish, apply a matte lipstick, then dampen a small, fluffy makeup brush using a small amount of hydrating spray. Buff the colour into your lips with the brush, creating a long-lasting, diffused matte lip stain.

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