How To Eliminate Abdominal Fat: Diet, Remedies and Exercises

How to eliminate the belly quickly by following all the advice of the experts to have a tonic and dry body through dedicated exercises and a proper diet. Eliminating abdominal fat for a man is a problem that often occurs after age 40.

Today we want to focus our attention on remedies to eliminate abdominal fat, a problem that arises in many men especially after age 40, thanks to a too sedentary life, which necessarily involves the desire to eliminate the low belly and excess fat, and not just for a purely aesthetic factor, since long-term abdominal fat also involves health problems, and even mobility in the most excessive cases. Let’s see together how to get to this goal: to eliminate abdominal fat in a man the remedies are dedicated exercises and a specific diet, which help to reach the intended purpose quickly enough.

Eliminate Abdominal Fat Remedies to eliminate abdominal fat

How to eliminate the belly quickly? There is no doubt that a healthy lifestyle helps not only to eliminate abdominal fat but to prevent the onset of the phenomenon. It is enough not to exceed a high calorie diet rich in fried food and sugar, and at the same time do a little ‘exercise and physical exercise to keep fit, thus avoiding to fight with the adipose belly and maintain a dry and supple body, with the well defined abdominals, just like when you were boys. As a matter of particular health problems and metabolic problems, the problem of how to eliminate the soft stomach it comes especially around the age of 40, when one gets used to a lifestyle that is too sedentary, made of office work always seated, without paying much attention to one’s body, eating junk food too frequently. Let’s look at the specific diet and exercises to eliminate abdominal fat.

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The diet to lose abdominal fat

To eliminate abdominal fat, a man should take no more than 2200 calories daily , so that he can lose weight in a range of 500 g to 1 kg per week, depending on the level of physical activity performed. The ‘bad’ fats must be avoided, for example in crackers, biscuits, margarine or any other product made with partially hydrogenated oils, while products such as chocolate, dried fruit, avocado or soya beans that have good fats are good. We must then add more fibers to eliminate abdominal fat, contained in fruits and vegetables with peel, but slowly, because the intestinal bacterial flora needs time to adapt to the new intake of fiber. Even whole grains compared to refined ones are highly recommended. Finally we must avoid diets too drastic, since we then tend to quickly recover all the weight disposed: the maximum recommended is one kilo per week.

Eliminate Abdominal Fat

The exercises to eliminate belly and abdominal fat

Now let’s see what exercises you need to do to eliminate belly and abdominal fat. Here is a reasoned list, remembering that to eliminate abdominal fat, experts recommend alternating short periods of intense exercise with resting analogs …

  • Walk by doing 10 thousand steps a day
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Fast run
  • Exercise bike or treadmill
  • Plank
  • Squat
  • Aerobics
  • Resistance exercises with dumbbells, aerobic machines or elastic bands

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