10 Symptoms of kidney disease that you should know

Chronic renal failure is a disease that has no symptoms from its early stages, so many people could be suffering this health problem without knowing it right now. Many can happen for a chronic kidney failure (CKD) to go to kidney disease, and even, there are those who reach the end of their lives suffering from CKD but without suffering from a kidney disease as such.

Like many other diseases, early detection is the key to timely treatment that helps improve the quality of life. For this reason, experts recommend learning the subject and learning to know the warning symptoms that may be indicating a kidney failure or any other problem related to this organ. What symptoms tell us that we may be having a kidney problem?

Here we write 10 symptoms of kidney disease

Changes in urinationkidney disease

  • When the kidneys start to fail, the urine shows changes like:
  • The patient is forced to get up to urinate several times during the night.
  • The urine may look frothy or bubbly.
  • Urine occurs more frequently, more and a pale color.
  • It can also produce less urine, less frequently and of a strong color.
  • He has difficulty urinating or incontinence.
  • The urine may contain blood.

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When the kidneys do not work properly, the person suffers from fluid retention and as a result, there is swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face, and hands. This symptom can be derived from different diseases and not necessarily from a kidney problem; therefore, it is best to consult the doctor, especially if this symptom is accompanied by another of the aforementioned.


kidney diseaseThe kidneys play a very important role in our body, so a failure can result in serious health problems. One of the functions of this important organ is to produce a hormone called erythropoietin, which is responsible for causing the body to produce red blood cells to transport oxygen to the blood. When the kidney fails, the production of erythropoietin decreases and, as a consequence, the person may feel tired, sick in their muscles, difficult to think and concentrate, among others.

Metallic taste in the mouth/breath of ammonia

Renal failure causes wastes and toxins to accumulate in the blood, resulting in many health problems. Among this, we find that patients can experience the bad taste in food and bad breath. He also begins to lose his taste for meat and may even lose a lot of weight because his appetite is suppressed.

Nausea and vomiting

Due to the waste that accumulates in the blood and can not be eliminated properly by the kidney problem, the person also experiences nausea and vomiting, leading to vitamin deficiencies, weight loss, and other serious problems.

Skin rash/itching

kidney diseaseThe kidneys have the function of eliminating waste from the blood and all those toxins that our body does not need. When the kidneys begin to fail, they stop doing their work well and they begin to accumulate all those wastes in the blood, which will be reflected with skin rashes and an itch that can be exasperating.

Short of breath

When there is a difficulty in recovering the breath, the kidneys can be related in two ways: the first can be for those fluids that can not be eliminated and that can accumulate in the lungs. The second can be derived from a problem of anemia, which is caused by the lack of red blood cells carrying oxygen and vitamin deficiency.

To feel cold

kidney diseaseA kidney problem can lead to another problem such as anemia, which makes the person feel weak, without energy and with a cold that is difficult to control. Often, people with kidney failure express that the cold can feel it even if it is hot, and they may even experience chills.

Dizziness and difficulty concentrating

Suffering from anemia and a problem of kidney failure, causes the person to start having memory failures because not enough oxygen is transported to the brain. This same fact can make the person cannot concentrate and feel constant dizziness.

Pain in the side/leg

kidney diseaseOne of the most alarming symptoms of kidney failure is feeling a pain in the back or side, either when sitting or going to the bathroom. This condition is related to polycystic kidney disease and can sometimes indicate a liver problem.

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