Chest exercises: The workout to do at home to tone your breasts

The chest exercises help to have a higher breast and hard, you know? They are high pecs, or exercises for those low, we see what can be the right workout and how to run it.

The chest exercises are very useful for women. In fact, as you well know, the breast does not have its own muscles on which to workout but the muscles at the base are precisely the chest. A workout pectoral targeted and balanced tones also the breast, making it more tall and handsome. The exercises for the pectorals are varied and it is good to understand which are best suited to our physical and h and results we want to achieve.

Chest exercises

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What exercises do for the chest?

The exercises for the pectorals are varied and involve multiple areas of the body, including arms, shoulders and diaphragm and abdominal. It is, however, just know that every part of the body has its own manner of training, so as you have to do exercises to get the sculpted abs and flat stomach, just as we must focus on high and low numbers for tone and lift the breast. You can do some of the exercises for the pectorals at home, with the necessary precautions, and use tools to increase their effectiveness, as with the exercises with dumbbells, with elastic or on benches.

How do the exercises for high pectoral

The ups and inner pectorals are the most part difficult to achieve during training in this area. Do not work on the high pectoral means not to work on the area that tends more easily to failure. This is because if they are wrong exercises for the upper part, the work goes involving the arms and shoulders taking away effort to chest. So, while it is easier to reach the lower fascia, you must do a workout for the pectorals high more focused and attentive, to avoid to develop are more triceps and shoulders.

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High pectoral exercises: barbell and dumbbell on the bench

The exercises for the most common high pectoral require a supporting surface such as a fit-ball, one-step or, more commonly, the classic bench. For convenience, we will refer to training pectoral bench press, but also the other two surfaces can be fine. One of the basic exercises to firm and tone your pectoral high is carried out with the aid of the balance, even without weights. You will need to grab the barbell with your hands spread to a width that is slightly above the shoulders. It forces must focus on the descent phase, trying to keep your wrists straight. The grip is the most important part of the exercise since closer it could imply training the triceps and not the high chest. Perform the exercise for 5 times in 3 series.

For training of high pecs, we can also do exercises with dumbbells. In this case, it is good tilt of 40 or 60 bench. At this point, with a weight of about one pound per hand, extend your arms straight outside, keeping your palms facing upwards, and then risollevateli up to the level of face but with arms outstretched and elbows approaching closing. You can do this a dozen times for 2-3 sets.

Exercises lower chest: You do push ups, the most complete workout

To reinforce the bass pectoral, we can make the push up exercise. It will be a random name? Seriously, settle on your belly pad down, resting your palms on the floor slightly after the width of the shoulders. Push on the hands up to stretch out your arms. Then, bend your legs on your knees, crossing your ankles and lifting them. From this position, you can start the pushups, keeping them from time to time for 3-4 seconds, then stretch your arms again. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times, for 3 sets. The important thing is to keep your abs tense and your head aligned with your torso. Are you ready?

We can also make another type of push-up, less traditional, placing the hands in widening and, instead, the legs, forming a triangle with the body. Now get off breathing, while keeping the movement for 3-4 seconds, and then exhaling ascents. Even in this case, repeat the exercise for 5-10 times, for 3 series.

The pectoral exercises also increase your breast size?

To point straight to the objective test suit, tone ups and downs pectoral is the indispensable starting point for the perfect bikini. To complete the work and work comprehensively overall area, we can surely accompany pectoral exercises to exercises to firm breasts. It is also true that the dream of many is not only to have a breast hard, but also to increase their size. Doing exercises is an excellent starting point to be accompanied with massages and a whole night of tricks to make it grow naturally.

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