The Keratin Treatment For Hair

Keratin against the weak hair and “rebels”

Brittle and frizzy hair: the nightmare of every woman (but not only, because men also care about the appearance!), is to find an unmanageable hair and moreover weakened. Fortunately, there is a type of keratin hair treatment that comes to our aid precisely in these cases: the key to everything is just in the keratin, naturally occurring protein in large quantities and in specific parts of the body (skin, nails and hair in the first place). It is this substance, present in hair products to ensure the health of the hair, making it healthy and robust; So if you manage to trip favoring the keratin synthesis or otherwise increasing the amount of keratin in the hair, it can help to strengthen them, to make them easier to comb and even to reconstitute in case of sparse foliage.

An eventuality, the latter, that haunts us considerably if it is true as reported recent polls conducted in our country. It appears that for women hair care represents a “task” important and indispensable: in 40% of those interviewed is the part of the body that is more dedicated care every day.

Moreover, it is significant (detected by another investigation) that only 7% of women declare “get on well” with her hair; for the remaining 93%, do you want for a reason want to another, the response veers more towards the dissatisfaction, when not the real frustration.

Keratin Treatment

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How does the treatment

How, then, the keratin treatment for hair? In essence, restoring the balance in the hair, restoring the keratin component that has lost for various reasons. Usually, the treatment involves the application of a non-saline shampoos that cleanse and “open” the hair, in order to facilitate the absorption of the substance that will be applied at a later time (with a mask, for example).

Among the factors to which can be attributed the weakening of hair there are stress, hormonal imbalances (for example, for women, during pregnancy) and discoloration of hair proceedings. But there is also, facciamocene a reason, the passage of time: as we age, the ability of the scalp regeneration is reduced more and more, so what you can do is provide a “stimulus” to further the hair remain many, healthy and strong.

Without however forgetting that which is the “law of nature”: the life cycle of the hair provides for physiologically succession of three stages (growth, rest and fall) that complete within a few years (2 to 7), so each hair follicle produces around 20 during the individual’s life.

Recall then that the density of the canopy also depends on the color: the average of the hair in man is 100,000 “head” (literally!), But the red have on average 80,000 while the Blonde 120,000 (although thinner, for which subjects most at rupture).

A natural secret to strengthen the hair

The beauty of the keratin treatment for hair is that, since it is a procedure based on the use of a 100% natural product (as said, is a structural component of hair), ensures great efficiency without the risks that usually accompany the use of chemical and “aggressive substances”. The treated hair is strengthened and becomes dense and brilliant because it is “recharged” an essential element for the health and the healthy appearance of hair. An element that with time or due to stress factors tends to decrease, but that if reinstated produces the desired effect.

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At this point you need a clarification: we often hear combine this treatment with negative experiences if not even harmful, but are caused by false treatments, namely those which, while posing as “keratin treatment” actually exploiting the properties of other substances , some of the other potentially harmful. This is the case for example of formaldehyde contained in outlaws doses in some products advertised as re-builders of keratin-based hair, which have little to do with the latter. Therefore, be careful and watch your labels!

That applies even more if we think about how women and men love to experiment when it comes to hair: one in 4 women and more than a third of the boys under-35 often change hairstyle, thereby subjecting your scalp to stress frequently in the long run it can damage it. maybe it will be a way to exorcise the appearance of gray hair, which experts already appear around thirty and cover 50% of the 50’s?

How much is the treatment?

Finally, a word to the prices is a must: as we have already noted, in fact, for those who want to make use of the beneficial properties of keratin is recommended to turn to professionals in the sector, avoiding the do-it-yourself. A separate chapter is made, of course the hair products that contain this protein: unlike the treatments, lotions, shampoos and the like are much simpler to use and designed for independent use, to facilitate the restorative function of keratin with each wash hair. We said costs: a rebuilding sitting keratin of the hair (process involving still more than a hair appointment to be truly effective) can vary from Euro 25 to over 100 in the case of more specific treatments and reserved for heads of hair long – more longer the hair, the harder it is to ensure lasting and consistent effects.

In short, we are in the middle of the services offered by the scalp professionals; there is a tendency in our country still sees a general provision to spend when it comes to hair care: 14% of cosmetic purchases in regards products for haircare (with a higher, strange percentage to say, in men).

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