What is most important: The appearance or personality?

When you are looking for a couple, there are two types of elements that make can feel attracted to a person, his appearance and personality? However, which of these two elements is the most important? No doubt, the compatibility of characters is critical to the long-term success, but it is difficult to imagine that there is a partner if there is no physical attraction. Consider the relative importance of each.

The appearance or personality

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The appearance is the first thing you see a person

With very few exceptions, when you meet a new person, his appearance is the first thing you will see. How to define the look? Perhaps it can be summarized as a whole between the physical characteristics of a person (features, physiognomy), their style(clothes, haircut) and his way of moving. Normally, it takes little time to like it or dislike a person, with a variety of degrees.

The physical appearance of a person often determines our opinion, so we tend to attribute to a person’s qualities we seem attractive than you have. Our brain deceives us a bit and is more benevolent to some extent.

Personality makes a relationship can move forward

As time goes by and we have more opportunities to meet a person, we are realizing, unconsciously or consciously, what we like about this person from the point of view of personality, and more generally their views, beliefs, and customs. Thus, we cannot deepen a relationship with a person who seems physically attractive, even as friends, or go backwards strengthening our interactions with a person who attracts us physically but whose personality and tastes fit with ours.

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Personality or appearance

If the goal is to have a successful relationship long-term partner, without doubt the most important is the compatibility between our personality and that of the other person. Does not guarantee the success of the couple (there are many more aspects that influence), but gives more chance of success.

The problem with the appearance, is that you can have as a partner to the most attractive person in the world, after a while know how well that person to leave to see her initial interest. We know their physical defects (nobody’s perfect) and especially we realize the things we did not like. If at first the phase of infatuation can deceive us in the long run is not enough to cover the essential differences.

However, the appearance is important. First, because often the initial motivation to learn more about a person, and second because it is essential to feel physical attraction to have a satisfying intimate relationship. While it is true that the attraction can also come from more than physical mental aspects.

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