Worried about early gray hair and hair loss? Ayurveda will help!

Beautiful and healthy hair is one of the best ornaments of a person. But, unfortunately, very few can boast of the ideal state of their hair or scalp. Unbalanced nutrition, weather conditions, exposure to chemicals, stress … Is it possible to preserve the beauty and health of hair in the adverse conditions of our modern life? To answer this question will help Ayurveda – the ancient system of healing, which was described in the sacred Indian texts more than 5000 years ago.

According to Ayurveda, special oils based on medicinal herbs will help to restore and restore health and beauty of hair. They will help to make your hair strong, healthy, silky and shiny.

Why is Ayurvedic hair oil effective and how to apply it properly? Read the answers in this article!

Ayurveda oil

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Gifts of nature to restore and maintain healthy hair

Since time immemorial, in Ayurveda natural oils from medicinal plants have been called “the soul of grass”. It is with their help that you can give vitality to even weakened, overdried and dull hair. Oils act on them from the inside, not masking a bad state, but solving a problem. Natural oils from Indian herbs are mixed in balanced proportions, only then they perfectly complement each other’s actions.

The composition of traditional Ayurvedic hair oils includes various ingredients.

Among them: Bibhitaki, Bringaraj, sesame oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, olive oil, Brahmi, Jatamanci, Shikakai, hibiscus, amla and other ingredients. Thanks to their healing properties, put together, Ayurvedic oils are ways to restore beauty and health to any hair.

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Use the oil as you like!

There are a lot of ways of using Ayurvedic oils. In this article, we would like to focus on the traditional and most effective …

1) A small amount of oil is applied to dry hair, with light massaging movements rub it into the scalp. Then distribute the oil along the entire length of the hair. Then leave the oil for 1-1.5 hours. After this, thoroughly wash the hair with warm water using shampoo.

2) Add a few drops of oil to the shampoo, balm or hair mask that you use. Cosmetic with added oil should be kept on the hair for up to 7 minutes, not forgetting about the massage for the scalp. After that, the hair should be rinsed well.

3) Put a few drops of oil on a wooden comb with wooden sparse teeth. Slowly brush clean, dry strands along the entire length for 8-10 minutes. To get the best effect, repeat this procedure 2 times a week, up to 3-5 times a day.

Ayurveda oil

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Do not forget about a healthy lifestyle!

Do not forget that Ayurveda regards human health as one whole, that’s why you can not pay attention only to the local problem. Ayurveda states that if the nervous system is unbalanced and the body is in a depressed state, the hair, like an indicator, reflects the inner well-being. Therefore, in addition to the use of Ayurvedic hair oils, you should perform a set of procedures for the recovery of the entire body.

According to Ayurveda, hair and nails are metabolic products of bones. The health of bone tissue is directly related to fat. Therefore, a balanced diet, cleansing the body of toxins and toxins – the key points of a diet that affects the condition of the hair. The use of sweet and juicy fruits, green vegetables and leaf lettuce, will help to clean adipose tissue and strengthen the bone. Turmeric and coriander, coconuts, olive oil are among the first in the list of recommended products for improving the structure of hair in Ayurveda.

Herbal hair oils Ayurveda Cosmetics: Inspired by the beauty of Indian women, Herbal Hair Oils, which supplemented the Ayurveda Cosmetics series. The composition of the oils included components that have been used in Ayurvedic cosmetology for many centuries! Bibhitaki, Bringaraj, Amla, Hibiscus, Brahmi, as well as sesame, sunflower, olive and other oils will help make your hair strong, healthy, silky and shiny.

Herbal oil for hair against dandruff and gray hair: On the basis of the extract of Bringaraj strengthens the natural color of hair, giving them a more intense shade, prevents the premature appearance of gray hair. Henna and amla oils heal and cleanse the scalp, eliminate itching and dandruff, and ease the condition with various kinds of seborrhea. Hair gets a luxurious shine, splendor and elasticity. The complex effect of Ayurvedic oils promotes the growth of strong and healthy hair.

Herbal oil from hair loss based on Bibhitaka: Extract improves the blood circulation of the scalp, strengthens hair follicles, stops hair loss processes and alopecia. Oil revitalizes the hair from the roots to the tips, eliminates fragility and cross section, promotes the growth of strong and healthy hair. The complex effect of Ayurvedic oils eliminates itching and dandruff, protects the hair from the appearance of early gray hair.

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