Sleeping Beauty: The Benefits of Sleep

If you value health and intend to live more than the average 70 years, then it is simply obliged to sleep in the dark.

If you work hard and you intend to do it without interruptions for the flu, you need to get enough sleep.

If your figure is important to you and you do not intend to get fat – sleep!

Circadian rhythms – subordination to the change of day and night – a feature of all living organisms. Flowers open to the sun and close at sunset. Owls hunt at night, roosters sing in the morning … And the human body works like a clock in the literal sense of the word: some hormones are produced in the dark, others – in the light of day; some systems function until noon, others – until midnight. Forced abolition (or even reduction) of some of the biorhythms leads to desynchronization of the entire system. And it is in this that doctors see the cause of many diseases. So, once again struggling with sleep, think about this.

The Benefits of Sleep

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The norm of a person’s sleep is 7-8 hours a day. And do not console themselves with the fact, that Napoleon lacked 5:00. Napoleon was fat and died at 51. Scientists have estimated, on average, when lack of sleep for 1 hour is added 3% fat , 2 hours – 6% .., Etc. That is, if you’re three months in a row you will sleep 6 hours or less, your body fat will be doubled.

Melatonin is produced only in the dark. Melatonin – a hormone, is responsible not only for the quality of sleep, but also for mental health in general. That’s why amateur night party and after party (that is, among those, who spends the night in bright light), a lot of those, who are prone to depression.

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Nedosyp increases oncorisias. Those, who work the night shift or is active club life (i.e. regularly loses darkness and silence), the risk of cancer increased almost twice – this results in a failure in the production of melatonin.

Nedosyp leads to diabetes. Constant nedosyp is stress, in response to which a lot of cortisol is produced. And it reduces the sensitivity of cells to insulin. The week of lack of sleep leads to “breakdown” already at the genetic level, and a significant part of the affected genes is responsible for the endocrine system. That’s why diabetes is getting younger these days: it’s not a sweet tooth disease, but careerists and club regulars.

The Benefits of Sleep

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Winter is a hibernation season. The longer the night, the more melatonin. The more melatonin ,the stronger the immune system. 1 ( one!) Week of lack of sleep can cause a malfunction in the work of 700 genes, most of which are responsible for immunity. In order not to fall victim to the flu and autumn colds, you need to get enough sleep. So normally, if you sleep in the winter is not 7:00, and 10 – will be healthier.

Melatonin is a derivative of serotonin. Nothing will provide you with such a powerful release of serotonin, like orgasm. So if your tired body at night got a choice “sex or sleep,” to convince him, that dream will be healthier and more productive after a good sex.

Sleep reduces appetite. In a dream in the human body, the hormone of satiety – leptin is produced. If you slept for less than 7-8 hours, then ghrelin (the hormone of hunger) will dominate.

Sports can be harmful. Bad, if you do not have time in the gym before 20:00. After this time, all the benefits, resulting from physical education, tend to zero due to circadian rhythm disorders.

Sleep rescues from PMS. It is proved, that the severe form of PMS is also associated with impaired circadian rhythms. For the sake of experiment, make yourself go to bed early and sleep longer for at least one cycle – you’ll see, it will become much easier. Restoring the circadian rhythm, you adjust and monthly.

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