14 tips to cure insomnia

The best way to facilitate sleep is to maintain the constant habits, so that the problems of insomnia do not become chronic and also compromise the daily attention.

Before falling into the spiral of sleeping pills, is the case to figure out a good sleep comes from a good sleep hygiene. Which means that if a person sleeps well, has experienced a lifestyle almost perfect. If you talk to a person sleepless, most of the time it comes out leading a life not entirely legitimate: meals at all hours, little sport, a lot of stress, all of which are enemies of good sleep.

All is not lost, just apply small tips to promote better sleep and groped to disappear naturally and gradually insomnia.

cure insomnia

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How To Cure Insomnia

When talking about sleep hygiene, it refers to all those habits that lead to encourage a good night’s sleep. Here it is briefly …

1) Go to bed only when it’s time. This means that if you go to bed, but instead sleep watching television and you often fall asleep, sleep the night will suffer. The advice is to stay in bed long enough to sleep, so that the sleep becomes deeper and more continuous.

2) Each day the alarm should be pointing at the same time, even if it is party and you are not working. This daily gesture allows your body clock to give himself a real regulated. The body as you exercise to understand how tough the waking period and how much to sleep. No use to bet more the alarm, because the body will know when it is time to sleep and when, according to the hours you sleep, the alarm time.

3) Physical activity. The sport should be done at least 4 hours before bedtime, otherwise the adrenaline circulating not allow you to fall asleep. It is not the struggle to put to sleep, because the increase in body temperature during operation, which then falls at the time of sleep, which promotes deep sleep. If you do not have the opportunity to play sports for an evening, you could opt for a hot bath 1-2 hours before bedtime.

4) The room where you sleep should be quiet and dark. Sleep quality more often is disturbed by light and noise.

5) The room temperature bedroom should be neither too high nor too low. Is too high temperatures that are too low have the ability to disrupt sleep? Usually, a daily temperature is lower than that recommended, around 16-23 degrees.

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6) Do not go to sleep if you are hungry. It is known that the abundant dinners do not help to sleep well if you have not digested well, but this does not mean that we should go to bed on an empty stomach. Please avoid fat or other foods that promote gastric reflux.

7) Do not ingest too many fluids after a certain time. The risk is to wake up many times to go to the bathroom to empty your bladder.

8) Caffeine is banned. The coffee you can drink it with complete peace in the early days, so as to instill a bit of energy, or in the early afternoon to fight. The important thing is do not drink caffeine in the 6 hours preceding the time of sleep.

9) Do not drink alcohol in the evening. Although you might think that drinking alcohol promotes sleep, this is true to a certain extent. Sure, alcohol has relaxing properties, but also increases anxiety and, at night, causes of sudden awakenings. In addition, alcohol causes dehydration, which could awaken at night to drink water.

10) No smoking. While nicotine is a stimulant, so it does not help to fall asleep, but it increases the rate of nervousness.

11) Closing the day when you close your eyes. The right recipe would be to not think about the things you have to do the next day. The night does not always lead council, indeed, more often amplifies the problems, alerting alertness and preventing falling asleep.

12) If you are not sleeping, it is futile to struggle. It’s pretty much a paradox impose itself to relax, it means, however, be conscious of doing so. In case of difficulty falling asleep, the ideal is to get a book and read until sleep does not come.

13) Avoid looking at that now. If you continue to look at that now, the brain automatically think of how many hours left before the alarm clock, which does not help to relax.

14) Stop for afternoon naps. By day and by the afternoon, avoid doing naps. The body needs a certain number of hours of sleep a day, if you sleep at times that are not nocturnal, you take away the hours of sleep at night, causing insomnia.

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