6 exercises to get toned legs

To have an immediate impact exercises is important to be consistent in their practice and accompany a balanced diet and a high intake of water.

Having a strong and beautiful leg does not have to be an impossible dream. The exercises them not only help improve your appearance, but will strengthen the muscles and improve physical performance and prevent future damage to bones and joints.

Today there are many alternatives to end the excuse of not having time to train; For example, you can create simple home exercise routines that without them for long hours, give excellent results.

Exercises for toned legs

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And it is that although there are hundreds of topical products with toning effect, so far nothing has proved as effective as the daily practice of muscular work.

Given that many are trying to fight cellulite, lose weight and look spectacular legs, then we will share six good exercises for toned without leaving home.

  1. Squats

Exercise number one of all training for the legs and glutes are squats. This movement helps to work the legs, strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and passing tones. In this case we propose them with a pair of dumbbells to increase its intensity and achieve better results.

How do you make them?

  • Stand with your back straight, hold a dumbbell in each hand in front of the thighs.
  • Separate your feet to the width of the shoulders and lower your body by bending your knees, these exceed the toes.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the same motion in a row to achieve a 15 to 20 repetitions.
  • Try to make up to 3 sets per session.
  1. Lunges

It is a movement that enhances the effects of the previous year; it serves to increase the elasticity and strength of the quadriceps and buttocks. It is a little more demanding, so you have to be a little patient when you’re just starting to implement it.

How do you make them?

  • Stop, place one leg forward and the other backward, holding a dumbbell in each hand at the sides of your body.
  • Lower carefully without moving your feet, so that your knees form a 90 degree angle without touching the ground.
  • Pause a few seconds, return to starting position and do the same movement alternately with each leg.
  • Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  1. Heel lift

As its name implies, this movement is to raise the heel by placing the foot on tip toe. They are used to strengthen the twins and are included in many routines to have a stronger and firmer leg.

How to do it?

  • Stand with your back very straight and hold a dumbbell in each hand against your sides.
  • Lift your heels off the floor, so that the pressure is over the toes.
  • After holding the position for a few seconds, return to starting position and repeat the movement.
  1. Bike

The classic exercise bike is one of the most classic to achieve a tough and beautiful legs forms.Whether it takes place at home, in the gym or at your profits on thighs and buttocks they are notorious in no time.

How to do it?

  • If you do not have a bike, performs the movement lying on the floor.
  • For this, spread out face up on a mat or rug; bend your legs slightly toward your chest and start making pedaling movements.
  • After completing 20 reps rest and do a minimum of 3 series.

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  1. Extensions legs

This movement is quite simple and you can do while you’re sitting in a chair, even the patterns in the office.

How to do it?

  • Sit with your back straight and lift your legs toward the ceiling.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds, rest and repeat 10 times.
  1. Steps

The steps are appropriate to strengthen and tone the calves, thighs and buttocks. Although the gym is usually done with a base especially also can be done at home with a bench or on the stairs.

How to do it?

  • Place one foot on the bench and then, with your arms at your sides, transfer your weight and straighten the leg forward.
  • Swap legs alternately and try to do 15-20 times.

Finally, remember that the results are not immediate and are highly dependent on the frequency with which you carry out routine.The more times a week do faster begin to feel the changes. For more fitness tips visithttp://clickmyemails.com/.

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