Anemia and a proper diet can help

The anemia is a deficiency in the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to body tissues and this vital to carry dig vital processes, reduced oxygen leads the body to similar states to suffocation and involves suffering tissues, feeling fatigue, weakness, lack of strength, palpitations, tinnitus, joint pain, dizziness, headache, dizziness, irritable states, etc.

Proper Diet

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The lack of iron is not the only cause a loss also affects food and little variety in amounts of foods that provide enough iron-rich nutrients.

People like vegetarians, with a deficiency in various foods, excessive blood requested of the menses, indetestables gastric and intestinal bleeding, you can be some of the causes.

It is important to note that many causes of anemia are not just a deficiency but a cause of other health problems, it is important to consult a specialist to diagnose the real cause of the problem.



  • Breakfast- Orange juice grapefruit and lemon, whole grain toast with cheese and nuts, and a teaspoon of flax oil
  • Lunch- Wholemeal noodles with spinach and mushrooms accompanied by a mixed salad with nuts and algae, take a half hour before a piece of fruit
  • Afternoon- An infusion and yogurt
  • Dinner- A piece of fruit, vegetable salad with a tortilla with tofu


  • Breakfast- A bowl of muesli with oat milk, chopped banana and some nuts
  • Lunch- An hour before taking a chopped pineapple, with some fish and sauted vegetables, chickpeas and chard
  • Afternoon- Infusion curd with honey and some almonds
  • Dinner- Cream of pumpkin, potatoes roasted vegetables small oily fish


  • Breakfast- Papaya and orange juice, a whole-grain toast with cream cheese and jam and tea
  • Lunch- A salad with grated carrot and corn, tomato, lettuce seaweed yeast and wheat germ seasoned to taste, and brown rice with lentils.
  • Afternoon- Infusion comprehensive toast with cheese and jam
  • Dinner- Cream sardines grilled vegetables seasoned with garlic and parsley


  • Breakfast- Milk shakes apple rice with almonds and a little cinnamon, tarts and rye bread with olive oil and garlic and tomato.
  • Lunch- Bean stew, chicken with baked vegetables.
  • Afternoon- Infusion with oat milk, stewed pear and apple with nuts.
  • Dinner- Salad, seitan stir fry with vegetables and mushrooms, custard.


  • Breakfast- A glass of almond milk, whole wheat toast with cheese and honey apricot few dried figs and nuts.
  • Lunch- A vegetable salad with mushrooms, garlic parsley pumpkin millet and peas, applesauce with nuts.
  • Afternoon- Infusion yogurt with muesli and honey.
  • Dinner- Leek cream with rolled oats, mackerel with potatoes and roasted peppers.


  • Breakfast- A glass of milk with oatmeal puffed cereals with a little honey, pear and apple compote with dried fruit.
  • Lunch- Green beans and sauted with egg tempera and sprouts salad with corn, black olives apple and herring.
  • Afternoon- You with almond milk and yogurt or curd with honey.
  • Dinner- Comprehensive Macaroni with Roquefort cheese and walnuts, stir-fried vegetables. Pear compote with cinnamon.


  • Breakfast- Orange juice grapefruit and lemon, tea or coffee grains, grain toast with olive oil and garlic and a little cheese.
  • Lunch- Vegetable paella and cuttlefish, custard apples steamed dried fruit and cinnamon.
  • Afternoon- Coffee cereal, rice milk, and toast with cheese and jam.
  • Dinner- Vegetable soup with rice flakes, omelet with tuna and tomato salad with arugula and pine nuts.

It is advisable to take a mid-morning better juice, carrot and apple. And often take any vegetable juice or fruit, ensuring that foods are of biological origin largely because so retain all their nutrients and for greater assimilation of nutrients necessary in these cases.

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