Restricting food is not the solution for your diet

In these times where stereotypes of beauty have begun to gain importance in achieving professional and personal goals, both men and women have been willing to lose weight, eliminating foods of high nutritional value from your diet.

This subject has become the obsession of many. Maybe you do not escape from that group. Maybe talking about diet causes a sting, makes you frown and see all uphill. And maybe the first thing you think about is how difficult it will be to stop eating what we like so much.

Some people may perceive diets as a heavy cross. It weighs so much that maybe we will not be able to load it until we reach the goal, it makes us wonder why we do it, if it is worth it and if the result will be proportional to the effort.

3 reasons not to eliminate food from your diet

Do not despair. Here we are going to show you that diet is synonymous with health, with more life and not with restrictions. Eliminating the foods you like only makes you want them more. The forbidden causes intrigue, anxiety and, when you have it, pleasure. Therefore, restricting food is not the solution.

1. The desire increases towards the desired object

Controlling what you eat can be a controversial point. Of course, it is necessary to discern what makes us good from what causes us harm, and this also applies to food. However, excessive control goes against our nature as human beings.

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The restriction will make your diet become untenable. Food should be enjoyed, it should cause pleasure and it may be that we only enjoy certain beliefs when we eat caloric foods, those that are bad and that can harm us.

However, categorizing them as forbidden becomes an object of desire. There is no point in eliminating them. We talk about junk food, sweets, and soft drinks.

It is the desired group, give it space. Complete your meal plan and allow yourself to eat one of these only once a week. Continue reading: 8 Foods eat to lose weight

2. Eliminating foods from your diet causes anxiety

Anxiety is what you should always avoid. If you restrict that sweet or food that you like so much you will want to eat it more and more and when you do not have it at your fingertips the sensation will be unsustainable.

The anxiety will cause that when you have the opportunity to eat what you like so much, you forget your goals and do not stop until you are satisfied.

The restriction is not a good counselor and anxiety less. The diet should be a friend of your abilities and should not be a decision that violates your wishes.

3. The emotional value of food

There are foods that are part of our history as individuals, and you can not change that. A meal prepared by the grandmother, a sweet that I give you a couple, a drink that reminds you of a good conversation.

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You can not lose sight of this point. Memories cannot be erased, they integrate what you are as a person and you can evoke them fill you with joy.

Dietism, a bad habit

The obsession to lose weight produces what until now is known as a diet. In one way or another, it is related to the desperation generated by having eaten for so long without any kind of control.

Maybe this emotion makes us make any kind of mistake. So much that we fall into these fast diets, without any kind of professional advice. So we only put our health at risk.

Listen to the experts and follow a good diet plan . Surely this last phrase sounds better than when you hear the word “diet”.

What is the solution?

First, we must avoid the stinging we talked about at the beginning. However, something must be clear: all foods must be accommodated in our lives (unless your body is intolerant to certain foods).

your diet

Logically, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the food:

  • A good diet should be made on the basis of vegetables, vegetables, fish, eggs, meat, chicken, and
  • Which ones should be consumed in less quantity? Carbohydrates, fats, and

With this great variety of food groups, you will feel more satiety. You will consume everything in its due amount. You will have greater adherence to the diet and you will not feel anxiety. Therefore, you will not fall into compulsive eating and you will feel less hungry.

Planning is a good verb. So plan small food intakes. Six a day is enough without eliminating absolutely nothing. Do not fall into excesses.

One last tip, visit a nutrition expert, will be your best guide. And, by the way, do not forget the exercise!

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