Be Healthy With L-Glutamine

In addition to being able to improve immune function and reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, L-glutamine may be used by athletes and hypothyroid to increase athletic performance, enhance metabolism, and build muscle. Intense workouts stress the body and muscles and require more glutamine than normal intake. L-glutamine helps replenish lost glutamine, improves the immune system, and speeds up recovery.

Leaky gut syndrome

You may have heard about L-Glutamine if you’re looking for a natural remedy for the leaky intestinal syndrome. Though it isn’t a nutrient, it is crucial to the health of the lining of your digestive tract. Inflammatory foods and stress are common contributors to increased intestinal permeability. The leaky gut syndrome is caused by damage to this lining, which allows bacteria and viruses to enter the body.

However, L-glutamine is not the only amino acid in the digestive tract that is important for intestinal integrity. Other amino acids are important for the health of the gut lining, including arginine. Arginine is a nonessential amino acid but it can become conditionally essential during stressful periods and contributes to gut health.

Irritable bowel syndrome

People with IBS can improve their health by taking L-Glutamine. The amino acid is believed to improve gut function and microbiome balance and increase the expression of tight junction proteins in the intestinal lining. Furthermore, studies have shown that it reduces the inflammatory response associated with gut mucosal irritation. Despite the controversy surrounding L-glutamine, it is a useful supplement to improve the health of people with IBS.

A recent study found that L-Glutamine may help post-infectious IBS. Unlike digestive enzymes, however, L-glutamine is not cheap and requires regular intake. In addition, although digestive enzymes have been suggested as a treatment for IBS, there is no solid evidence that they help. Therefore, speaking with your doctor before taking any supplements is imperative.

Improved immune system function

Taking L-Glutamine supplements can have multiple health benefits. Not only can it boost energy levels, but it also improves the function of your immune system. It is a key component of white blood cells and intestinal immune cells. Therefore, consuming high amounts of glutamine can help increase your immune system’s white blood cell count. In addition, glutamine may help improve the function of your nervous system.

Speed recovery

L-Glutamine is a protein in the human body that is crucial to the immune system. It is especially important for patients in the hospital who must fight viruses and overwhelming infections. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, glutamine helps maintain the gut barrier, which is about a cell thick and covers an area of a tennis court. Without glutamine, the immune system is overactive, and inflammation spreads throughout the body. L-Glutamine supports the immune system by helping repair damaged gut lining.

L-Glutamine is available in both capsule and powder form. Nutritionists recommend taking two capsules or 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of powder with water before each meal. Some clients like to take the powder on the tongue instead of swallowing a capsule. You can even purchase a canister of this powder and keep it nearby. It is easy to use and provides excellent results. You will notice an immediate and long-term effects from taking it.

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