6 Tips for getting your nails grow strong and healthy

If our purpose is toobtain a healthy and long nails, you should start by analyzing that treatment we give them the use of detergents, constantly biting, paint several times a week, do not eat healthy, eventually they end up doing impossible tolook beautiful hands.Before looking more elaborate solutions aresimple tipsthat can make the difference, such as: use rubber gloves when washing dishes or doing toilet, massage at least twice daily hands with a special cream for them, and consume protein to strengthen themfrom the inside.

Nails grow strong

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1) Garlic is an indispensable ally when itcomes to strengthening themand can be used in multiple ways.You can make a paste with three cloves of garlic and apply for 15 minutes on nails.You will also usually add lemon juice, since it has theproperty of whitewash.Another well known method is toadd pieces of garlic to transparent enamel and use once a week.

2)Vitamin Eis also a great help to nurture and grow them as if by magic.In a bowl two cups of warm water and two tablespoons of olive oil are added over 10 minutes wash their hands carefully rubbing your fingers.Do not rinse, but must continuously massaged until absorbed.

3)Never cut the cuticle, as it is there to protect the nail from infection.The fact will thicken more trim.There arevarious oils to protect the cuticles, and thus nails.

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4) While filing the nails is necessary to maintain its shape, not abuses of this practice, it weakens the points, making likely they break down the sides.

5) Itis essentialnot use yournails as toolsto open bottles or gardening work.It is always a good idea tocarry a special cream for nails in the portfolio.

6) To make shine and avoid yellow tones, baths can be rinsed in lemon or orange juice and apply cotton soaked incucumber juice, which will fill of vitamins necessary to achieve strengthened grow.

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