Bags under your eyes? Find out what could help

Bags under the eyes are a common complaint in modern times, caused by the large amount of work the eye, or lack of sleep. Many have experienced this annoying problem and are looking for a way to remedy it.

Why some people have bags under your eyes?

Bags under the eyes suggest an accumulation of impurities, and the monthly cycle is an opportunity for the body to cleanse and rejuvenate itself. However, after 40 years, the body’s natural ability to detoxify becomes weaker. Since the bags under the eyes are often due to digestive impurities caused by a slow digestion, involved main organ is the liver. It would be good to find a product with a unique blend of herbs to help balance the liver, and help assimilation and filtering impurities that may eventually cause the bags under the eyes.

Bags under your eyes

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Advice on diet and lifestyle

Try to avoid stress and rest a little longer, especially during periods of menstrual discomfort. You should also drink plenty of warm water, avoid ice cold and carbonated drinks. It would be advisable to avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol, and add the coconut, raisins, papaya and sweet juicy fruits to your diet. Just take a moderate amount of sugar, avoid red meat and heavy fried foods, and avoid drinking fluids before bedtime. Only use natural beauty products, do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoke. Perhaps most important of all time, getting enough sleep. Place a cloth soaked in warm water over your eyes for five minutes once or twice a day, and make sure that laughs every day, because it gives exercise to the facial muscles. For puffy and swollen eyes, make a facial steam or facial wash with warm water with salt, tired eyes and use a silk eye pillow. For inflamed eyes wide soak cotton pads in cold milk with rose water and place them over closed eyes for five to ten minutes. It is also important to know that activities such as teamwork, reading for long, or play video games closely period can cause swollen eyes and blurred vision. It may also cause an inability to perform work closely for a long time.

Foods to avoid

Avoid frozen, cold, leftovers, fatty foods and foods that contain ingredients such as aspartame, MSG (monosodium glutamate), foods grown using pesticides, genetically modified foods, sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, chocolate and other foods Similar concentrates containing sweeteners. Try to avoid refined oils, baking powder, bovine milk cheese, junk foods like burgers, pizza, hot dogs, nachos, etc. are not recommended Moreover, smoked, grilled or roasted.

Foods to favor

Unrefined sea salt, vegetable juices and mono-saturated fats will definitely help with your overall health, as well as bags under the eyes. Use butter to cook and try to consume turbanado, stevea, maple syrup, raw honey, agave syrup, essential fatty acids, calcium, iron and minerals. Minerals, organic foods, flaxseed oil, whole grains, nuts and seeds as well as fresh fruit may also help.

Cucumbers on eyes

Many people have heard that cucumber contains a special ingredient that helps reduce swelling around the eyes or bags under the eyes. However, some people believe it is just a myth, since more than 90% of a cucumber consists of water. It is the cooling effect of the water in cucumbers on the eyes, combined with increased humidity, which reduces swelling. Some products contain cucumber extracts, which in high concentration can help improve skin hydration; gently massage also helps.

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Product for improving bags under the eyes

There are products that can make the delicate skin around the eyes stronger, healthier and more resilient, and lock moisture on the surface. These products include caffeine stimulates circulation under the eyes, helping to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. Excellent after a long flight or a bad night, this is the easiest choice you could find on the market.

Some people say that the raw potato slices help puffy eyes. All you need is a potato and a knife. To make this natural cure for bags under the eyes, to cut the potato 1/4 to adjust your eyes. Then cut 2 slices or, if you prefer, from 5 to 10 very thin slices, several for each eye. Either method works. Lying down, place the potato slices on the eyelids and leave it in place for at least 10 minutes for best results.

Is there a lasting solution for tired eyes and bags under the eyes?

It is hard to feel fresh and alert when the eyes looking back at you from the mirror every morning look tired and fallen with those annoying bags under them. It is not that enough rest. Even after a night’s sleep, many people still have loose skin and puffy bags that never seem to go away. They may have just gotten that way in recent years, or can that has had all your life, and only recently have deteriorated. But if your eyes are starting to look old and tired, this can be a very easy problem to correct. Many doctors suggest blepharoplasty. In fact, every year thousands of men and women choose a wonderful little operation called blepharoplasty. This surgery is able to give the eyes a more alert, awake and vibrant.

This operation removes excess sagging skin of the upper eyelids and bags under the eyes. The eye is given a wider, open and well rested appearance. Blepharoplasty can be done alone or in combination with other facial procedures such as face lift or laser skin rejuvenation. Either way, improving their appearance may be noticeable after this minor procedure. Compared with other methods of cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty is a relatively minor surgery. Usually done in the operating room under local anesthesia and a mild sedative, you only need a couple of hours. After eyelids numb with a local anesthetic, the surgeon will remove excess loose skin of the upper eyelids and close the skin with extremely fine sutures. When the skin heals, the scar is hidden in a natural crease of the upper eyelid skin, and is invisible. Bags and loose skin are removed from under the eyes with another fine incision just below the lower lashes.

The common cause for bags under the eyes is fat. This fat is removed, or pushed inwards where it belongs. The surgeon then closes the incision, again using very fine sutures. That scar is hidden in a natural fold of skin just below the lashes and becomes invisible when cured. If there are bags under the eyes, but without excess loose skin, the bags can be eliminated by a little different then technique called transconjunctival blepharoplasty blepharoplasty typical. This new procedure involves a small incision just inside the lower eyelid, and not in the skin. The incision should be through excess fat making bags are possible to remove. This has the added advantage of not leaving any visible at all below the tabs scar. Moreover, healing and recovery are a little faster too. This may be the best option for some patients, but not necessarily for everyone. That’s why you should discuss this option with your doctor if you want to try this solution. Most people walk out of the operating room with a good feeling after a few minutes after surgery. You can also resume all normal daily activities the next day. Some patients even return to work the next day, perhaps only wearing a pair of dark to hide their stitches after blepharoplasty glasses.

For most people there is no real-time inactivity, but some have mild bruising around the eyes for a few days after surgery. After five days, the doctor will remove the stitches, and two days later could apply eye makeup. Blepharoplasty is often combined with other facial procedures, such as a facelift, browlift or laser skin resurfacing. For these other procedures the doctor prefer deep sedation or general anesthesia. Blepharoplasty generally does not increase the recovery time for these other procedures at all.

Many people wonder if your insurance will cover this surgery. Since the loose skin of the upper eyelids hung so low over your eyes, interfering with vision, many insurance policies cover a blepharoplasty to correct this condition. So if you feel your eyelids are interfering with your vision, an optometrist or ophthalmologist can perform a test called visual field test to determine the extent to which affected your vision. If you have significant visual impairment, you will have to submit the test results to a special office and your insurance may cover this type of surgery. If the vision is not affected, your insurance will consider blepharoplasty as a cosmetic procedure and not be covered. However, many people do not know that even when insurance does not cover it, blepharoplasty is surprisingly affordable. So if you have experienced the bags under the eyes and nothing helps, you should try to blepharoplasty.

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