5 Things that happen to your skin when you squeeze pimples

It’s not possible! Just today you have that important appointment, had to leave a hateful and horrible grain. Of course you examine it, you attack with your fingers, you squeeze and the situation only worse again because now your skin is irritated and more noticeable now.

As we explained Natural-Lotion, whether you’re a teenager or adult acne, squeeze pimples will never be a good choice because not only disturb your appearance for a week, but also, you could spend all this…

squeeze pimples

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1. Infections

A study by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reveals that the squeeze pimples with your hands are worse for your skin because they contain fat, bacteria and dead cells.

2. Reappears grain and stronger

After blow it, you can bleed, catch fire and will be grouped into the skin longer (a week).

3. Skin diseases

Pressing the grain provoke skin irritation (dermatitis is generated), ignites (neurodermatitis) and elastic fibers degrade collagen.

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4. Scarring

Squeezing pimples often exacerbates acne and can leave marks. Acne scars on the face are the most difficult to hide and disappear, so avoid touching your skin to the degree of bleed it.

5. Increase bacteria

For cleaner you have hands, to touch you, open the skin and expose yourself to the entry of bacteria that, over time promote the output of pimples and blackheads.

In addition to avoiding squeezing pimples do not forget to have a balanced and fat – free diet will help you have a skin free of impurities. You might want to try some of the home remedies for acne remedy that we give to chemical, or talk to your dermatologist about medications for acne. Take care of your skin and look beautiful at all times.

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