Massage types: Different ways to care for our health

To relieve muscle pain, relax, remove fluid, preventing in sport … there are many types of massage. We tell you what is most appropriate depending on the purpose.

The massage is used to relieve muscle pain and promote relaxation since the time of Ancient Mesopotamia (2,000 BC). Through various techniques acts of superficial and deep into the muscles throughout the body, thus contributing to our health and wellbeing. But not all massages are the same, so today we tell the main types of massages that exist, so you can choose what is best for you.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is aimed at relieving pain, discomfort or disease. It applies prescription, and can be used both to solve problems muscle, ligament or tendon, to improve circulation.


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Besides the basic massage, which is used to treat contractual, and injuries, there are different ways:

Lymphatic drainage

This type of massage is applied therapeutically to mobilize body fluids, so much so, that could be considered a physiotherapy treatment. The goal is to help eliminate toxins and waste substances that accumulate in them, activating the circulation and strengthening the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage also has other benefits such as reducing fluid retention, relieve pain and feeling tired legs, or improve our defenses.

Head massage

This is a type of massage that, as its name suggests, is applied to the skull, but also in the face, neck and shoulders. The head massage relieves headaches, neck tension, mental fatigue and can support to treat insomnia, bruxism, or loss of balance and dizziness.

Sport massage

As mentioned in another article, the visit to the physiotherapist is essential in the life of the athlete, and massages download will help us to maintain optimal training pace avoiding injury, or help recover sooner if we have suffered some.

Maintenance, pre and post competition, or rehabilitation, sports massage improve performance, flexibility, recovery and ease the pain.

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Relaxing massage

Any time of year is ideal to give a relaxing massage and forget the stress, even on vacation can take advantage of even more, to care for and download the tensions around the year.

This type of massage relax muscles and nervous system. We can find several types:

Sensitive massage

This is an anti-stress massage, which applies smoothly throughout the body, although not suffer any ailment, simply to enjoy the sensations, calm down and feel better. The moment is usually accompanied by music, nature sounds and a friendly atmosphere, lit by candles.


The massage is performed on the skin using aromatic essential oils, diluted in other moisturizing oils. Thus the aromatherapy combines the benefits of conventional massage with the soothing and restorative effect of the aromas that give off oils.

Aesthetic massage

The lymphatic drainage, which we mentioned at the beginning, may also have aesthetic purposes, such as reducing or preventing cellulite, help remove fluid if are trying to lose weight and improve the overall appearance of the skin, thanks to the activation of circulation.

Aesthetic massage must also be made by a qualified specialist, and we can also serve to hydrate in depth throughout the body, treat acne, helping to shape the figure and tone muscles or skin firmness.

Alternative medicine

Among the natural therapies also we find massage designed to soothe all kinds of pain and improve our health. As such, these two ancient techniques that originated in ancient China.


This mode uses the same points as acupuncture, but instead of treating them with needles, pressure on them is done with fingers to activate, balance and unlock every area of our body.


Finally, we will take one of the most neglected parts of our body, feet, although the foot reflexology is not a simple massage them because, according to this method, the foot represents a kind of map of all the body and its organs. By massaging certain areas of the foot, its corresponding “reflex” works in the body.

No two massages, according to our needs and tastes we can choose the best we fit, although it is advisable always count on the recommendation of our doctor before you start, because there are some contraindications, and of course always put ourselves in the hands of professionals.

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