6 ways to make sure your resolution makes it through the year!

It’s December and another fabulous year comes to an end. For some of us it has been really eventful or maybe not, it depends on how you spend your 365 days. Was it just another year where you made a couple of New Year resolutions and failed yet again to keep those? Cheated on your diet plan? Shopped beyond your budget? Won’t happen this year, with some breath taking New Year offers you can make sure you get all your New Year presents and maybe some for your friends too.

Coming back to the New Year resolutions, don’t give up hope just yet. You’ve tried a lot and maybe you should try again this time too, because we’re going to help you. Here are some ways you can make sure you make a better resolution and are motivated to complete it too.

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  • Make a plan

All we often do is think of a New Year resolution and then watch ourselves the first couple of weeks and then go off track. This time, make a plan. Set small work goals that you can accomplish every month or quarterly to make sure you keep a track of what you do.

  • Write it down

We think of things to do and then forget about them. One way to avoid this is to put things down on paper. Make a list of your resolutions or a to-do list with specific tasks and put it on your fridge or the study table or just any place where it acts as a constant reminder.

  • Not too many

Don’t make an endless list of resolutions. Although you’d want everything to be perfect this year, don’t overdo it. Having too many resolutions can mean too much expectation and that could just turn into a big failure. You’ll feel too burdened and then end up doing nothing about them.

  • Reward yourself

You are planning to get better, to do something nice for yourself and that deserves appreciation. Since you’re the one planning it, you will have to do this bit too. Decide rewards and don’t compromise on them, but that new cell phone or designer bag or whatever it is that you want, but only when you meet the goal. Don’t compromise.

  • Don’t give up

Another reason to have a plan is so that you don’t give up. We break our resolution and then toss it into the bin and go back to our old habits. Well the good news is it’s never too late to begin. So don’t worry about making a mistake or taking a few days off, as long as you get right back on track.

  • Get yourself a gift.

This one’s to prep you up. Get a new pair of jogging shoes if you are planning to work out regularly or a baking tray if you plan to start cooking. Get yourself a gift that you can use, so you feel excited about doing what you have to do. Since its New Year season, you can take advantage of all those amazing offers too.

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