Feeling good is also an attitude

Sometimes we find it hard to realize that the way to stop feeling bad attitude is to change. I mean those moments when we seem to be just negative thoughts occur, and nothing seems to make sense. If we were in the complaint, we will not get anything. Let’s see what you can do next time you find yourself in that situation.

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1- Relativism

They say “evil of many, consolation of fools,” but I’m not saying you get comfort from the misfortunes of others, but you realize that what you like is happening is not so bad, compared to other situations. In life there are happy moments, but also there are mishaps and problems. You are not the only person who has had to face a problem, and probably many people have been through much worse situations. And if other people have overcome, how you cannot be doing too?

2- Stop complaining and acts

It is normal to feel bad for a while if something bad happened to you, and this time is proportional to the gravity of what happened to you (can be quite long for losses, for example). But there is a point where you have to move from complaint to action. Too many people complain of situations and do nothing. And in most situations you can do something. You do not like your job? Look elsewhere. If Problems with the partner? Communicates, irreconcilable differences? Take the consequences: either accept (and stop complaining) or you break. Obviously, it is much easier said than done, but if you think you will see how the complaint is useless. It actually acts!

3- Try to give as much

It is an idea related to the above. Sometimes, even if you leave the complaint and take action, you do not get what you had proposed. The world is not perfect and does not always win. However, if you have given everything, your mind will go up because you will realize that you could not do anything else. You cannot see it at the time of failure, which can be very frustrating. But then you will see and feel better.

I’m talking about when it goes wrong, but obviously sometimes when you spend all your effort to get something have good results. And the satisfaction of working for something and have achieved is great.

4 – No reflects

Sometimes it takes a little leave the vicious circle of negative thoughts, especially for people with obsessive personality traits. Ruminate is very common when you feel bad: your mind goes from a negative to other data, not advance, you stay in a sick feeling apparently hopeless. It is difficult to cut these thoughts but necessary. You have to realize when you are really running on an internal complaint, to reflect on possible solutions, evaluate them, and finally take action.

5- Chemistry and Physics

I think it is important to realize that the mood has much to do with the chemistry of our bodies, and that to some extent may be correct chemical balance without resorting to drugs. We can generate endorphins to play sports, or join with people nearby. We can even correct our posture. The simple fact straightens, raise some men and head and appear more security and happiness slightly improves our mood. It is not a panacea, but it helps.

General considerations

These common sense tips are aimed at people passing briefly through a phase of lack of encouragement or sadness. In any case, this article seeks to replace the role of a psychologist or a doctor.

If your sense of discomfort is chronic, I recommend you go to see a specialist, who will help you much better than a few lines in a blog.

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