The Truth About Having a Laser Procedure Done

A laser procedure is a medical treatment, which means that you should treat it like one. If you were going to have any other sort of medical procedure, you would want to be fully prepared for the procedure itself, as well as recovering from it. You should have that same information about lasers before you ever sit in a chair at your local skincare clinic.

Laser Machines Take Time to Do Their Jobs

No matter which laser procedure you plan to have, you need to know that it’s not likely to be a single appointment. Most lasers work in gradual steps over the course of several appointments. They don’t yield the instantaneous results that some people think.

If you aren’t seeing results after multiple treatments, another issue is that you might just need to have a different type of laser procedure. Each piece of laser machinery is a bit different from another. People are also quite different from one another. So, it’s important to match yourself and your skin to a specific treatment.

Laser Procedure

The good news is that the matching process really should happen before you ever have your first treatment. That’s because any technician working at a skincare clinic should have had the proper training and certification needed for them to assess your skin. That assessment can allow them to tell you exactly the type of procedure that you should have. So, there is no real truth to the rumor that you can have the wrong laser procedure done, as long as you are having it done in a reputable clinic.

Skincare Lasers Are Not Super Dangerous

Another important truth about laser devices is that they aren’t super dangerous. Some people would have you believe that they can burn all your skin off or poke it full of gigantic holes. But the truth is that the beams used by skincare technicians are microscopic and very accurate. They won’t damage any areas that they aren’t supposed to.

That said, they are actually supposed to do some minor damage to your cells. The point of damaging the cells is to get your body to defend itself and strengthen all of the skin cells in the surrounding area. It can do that by making elastin, collagen, and protective hormones. Any damage done by the actual lasers should be completely corrected in a very short period of time, and any skin issues you had before the treatment should also start to be reversed.

Laser Treatments Are Uniquely Equipped to Treat Certain Skin Issues

Lastly, you should know that there are some skin problems that you can’t easily treat by other methods, such as lotions and creams. In fact, most of those are more designed for preventing skin problems than for reversing them once they exist. It can be very difficult to use medicated creams to actually reverse a lot of skin problems. Laser procedures and other clinical treatments will generally work much faster than lotions and creams and be much more accurate in their results too.

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