How to live the present moment

One of the keys to experience wellness is try to live the present moment. It’s a very easy thing to say but much more complex to implement, since our obligations and our thoughts distract us many times to focus on the present moment. So I have compiled some tips to try to be at the time.

Live the present

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Your future is just another present

One of the big problems we have to enjoy the moment is that we are always thinking about the future when the future is really nothing more than this to come. That is, when the future comes, probably will not enjoy it if you go with the mindset of worrying about what’s coming.

Some people have a hard time understanding it. Some of them when they are in a nice place, just think of taking a picture for a souvenir, show it to your friends, etc. But what matters is not the photo, not the memory in the future, but seizes the moment and enjoys it now. What do you want pictures? Why then live in the past? Make the moment count.

Facing problems

If something’s bothering you, it is much better than what you face now, because if you let it, worry not leaves. Think of it as an investment, it may cost you a lot in the time you do, but whatever the outcome, you’ve already solved, and free your mind of those thoughts of fear.

Do not think

Have you ever tried to dance and have given you wrong? There are many people who passed them, and often because instead of acting and feeling, they start thinking. They tell what steps they think, think how ridiculous they’re doing, they think you’re not going do well, and an experiment of discovery becomes a bad experience. The solution is easy, you just have to stop thinking and acting.

Share the moment with the couple

Another example of how you can live the present moment is in your relationship. Instead of focusing so much on making plans (which are sometimes necessary), seeks to share moments. A chat, a game, a kiss, a dinner, an outing, whatever you enable both be sharing the same time. The only requirement, which is sometimes difficult to achieve, is to forget everything else and be what you are.

Forget the clock

If you want to be when you need time, and that means forgetting to look at the clock… I’m not telling you to give up completely to punctuality and your obligations, but you need to learn that you should not always try to control time. How are you going to be in the moment if you are aware of a watch?

Stop doing some things

You will have to choose. You cannot do everything. If you are looking to do many things, not only do probably incomplete, but will be rushed as it is very difficult for you to take the time to be in the moment and experience what you are doing. If you are busy you are always aware of what comes next. And if you look at it, there are many things that are not so important.

Do not do anything sometimes

Each day look for time to be free, take five minutes and do absolutely nothing. Or read or listen to music, nothing. Only you and the present moments being aware of what you are at this moment. At first maybe you take it as an obligation of the calendar, but gradually, you should experience a real connection with the time, and then those pauses will become more natural.

Disconnect autopilot

Sometimes we are on autopilot mode. I mean you are so immersed in some thoughts that do not pay attention to the work we are doing. It can happen when you are traveling a known way (sometimes even with the car), or when you do a daily task so that your gestures became automatic. In fact, when you go back to consciousness you wonder if you have closed the door or any other small detail.

This happens because we connect the autopilot routine of our brain, and this is very bad for many reasons. First because it lets us enjoy the present, and second because it alters our perception of time. The days run, the weeks fly, and when we got to the next birthday we wonder how this could be.

Children have a very different perception of time, largely because they are discovering new things all the time. But what adults can do to avoid falling into the autopilot? There are several solutions. A change of routines is often trying different things, but by the grace of change. Another is to look at small details. I assure you, around you as the journey of a drop of water in the shower door, the shape of a cloud on the way to work. A new site has opened. You can fix many things. If you do, you are more likely to disconnect the autopilot and enjoy more of your day.

Do well

What does the doing good to enjoy the present? A lot, because if you help someone, leave your personal circle of your routine, your thoughts. It forces you to be in the present, to respond to an immediate need. Normally it costs you nothing. Aid to a mother with a stroller down stairs; speak a minute with a person who seems to be alone. Give a smile. You explain where some tourists come to your site. All those things cost nothing but will connect with the present. And possibly make you feel better, like you have made a small positive difference.

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