Metamorphic or Metamorphic Massage Technique

Metamorphic or metamorphic massage technique is known because it promotes self-healing process assuming that life is the great healer.

What is Metamorphic Technique Metamorphic or massage?

Life is creation, and creation movement arises: the movement is change, and is the life force behind this change within the various cycles of existence … “Life is the power that heals.”

“Metamorphosis” means “transformation” and this is when our energy flows freely.This technique connects us at the level of consciousness; he lived with nine months in the womb and leads us to discover our purpose in life.It is the massage of transformation.


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During the gestation period, the nine months between conception and birth, our physical, mental and emotional structures are established.Life, after birth, has its roots in the prenatal period: our life before birth.Is this body structure which must be released?

What is it based?

We must remember that we work with a holistic view of natural medicine that keeps the unity of body, mind and emotions as inseparable in the individual, and considering all processes.

This concept of globality is necessary in the application of the metamorphic technique or Metamorphic Massage, which isnot intended tostrike a symptom or a particular physical problem, but acts on the energy mix of the individual seeking the physical and mental relaxation and emotional balance the attitude of the masseur or practitioner must meet these principles: no intention, no involvement and detachment.

The application of massage requires a relaxed, receptive and intuitive attitude, being beneficial in any other massage technique, here it is essential.The development of these capabilities is an added benefit that the practice provides the masseur or practitioner.

Each treatment must be addressed with a sense of individuality, and we must adapt to each situation.

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What we can help the Metamorphic Technique Metamorphic or massage?

This therapy is suitable for all ages, especially children and babies during pregnancy, in cases of stress, depression, anxiety, etc., and terminally ill, and we will help acceptance of transit are about to embark (the birth of a new reality).

It is based on work in areas of the foot that influence and relationship with the mental and emotional aspects of the individual.With massage is released and relieves mental and emotional stress, which leads to physical relaxation.

The individual regains the life force;locks are usually eliminated and self-healing occurs. The effect is pleasant and relaxing producing a sense of comfort, fluidity and fullness.

It is a unique very accessible to all and easy to learn and integrate into our daily life tool for personal transformation.Nice give and take and totally secure.Given to anyone wishing to make changes that can improve their quality of life.

No physical intervention or diagnosis, there isno need to consult or return to the past or the medical history of the person.The vital energy of the person is free to do whatever is required.The person is called to be your own healer.We are not aware of the change that comes from within.We are the change.

Origin and history of the Metamorphic Technique or metamorphic massage

At the beginning of the sixties, the naturopathic physician Robert St. John British Reflexology used in their work with children suffering from mental disorders.

Motivated by getting better results in their treatments investigated delving into the psychological aspects of the reflex areas of the feet, starting from the eastern belief that states that the fundamental pillars of the person originate in the prenatal period, thus leaving the bases of the set energetic.

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The feet are our foundation, the foundation that keep us in balance, are our connection to the earth and the bridge to higher spheres.Our spiritual impulses and intellectuals should have that foothold with the earth.

Physical, mental and emotional aspects and, consequently, many of the patterns of behavior of the individual have their origin in the gestation period, where they meet not only the genetic aspects of the father and the mother, on the prenatal physical survival (food, health of the mother …) but also attend the sensory and emotional information from the mother.

St. John got great results in their work with children with mental pathologies (which in principle called THERAPY PRENATAL) and today is used as support therapy in autistic children with the Down syndrome, obtaining improvements in quality of life and in many aspects of relationship with the environment.

Later, with the name Metamorphic Technique and including massage hands and head, he began to be used in adults, on the basis that prenatal information may be the cause of certain blockages and tensions that may determine negative thought patterns, relationships and expression in the adult individual.

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